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P H Y S I C I A N U P D A T E Helping Your Patients with NECK PAIN & HEADACHES

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Stress has a physical effect on the neck muscles. As a person tenses up, the tightness in their neck muscles contributes to neck pain. Chronic neck pain can cause irritability, fatigue and even depression, adding to the stress in your patient’s life. Even if stress is not the likely cause of neck pain, it can certainly bring out the symptoms of underlying neck pain. Stress has also been shown to influence how people feel pain. If your patient is under stress, their pain can actually feel worse. Modern treatment of neck pain puts a big emphasis on physical therapy and a quick return to normal activities. Our physical therapists facilitate a rapid relief of pain and return to activity. This helps your patient’s positive outlook they need to manage their recovery. Our physical therapy evaluations find out the root cause of the neck problem and then treat it with specific gentle hands-on techniques, exercises and modalities. Neck exercises are a great way to relieve tension and are an important part of the treatment for neck pain. In addition to reducing pain and stiffness, our physical therapists at Recovery Physical Therapy work with you to assess risk factors, advise on stress and neck pain prevention, provide a home exercise program, improve the body mechanics and posture of your patients.


Whether from chronic tension, a whiplash injury, intervertebral disc disease or progressive arthritis, the neck can be a hidden and severely debilitating source of headaches. Such headaches are grouped under the term “cervicogenic headache” indicating that the primary source of the headache is the neck. There are well mapped out referred pain patterns of headaches. Even headaches located mostly in the forehead or behind the eyes are often “referred” pains coming from restricted areas in the upper cervical spine. The cervical joints connecting the top two or three levels of the neck to the base of the skull handle almost 50% of the total motion of the neck. Therefore, this area absorbs a continuous amount of repetitive stress and strain. Furthermore, the cervical joints bear the main weight of the head. Fatigue, poor posture, injuries, disc problems, joint degeneration, muscular stress and even prior neck surgeries can all compound the wear and tear on this critical region of the body.

WE GET RESULTS FOR: • Neck pain & stiffness • Headaches • Herniated discs • Stenosis • Degenerative Joint Disease • Degenerative Disc Disease • Radiculopathy • Whiplash

Your Patients Will Thank You!


Recovery PT restored my faith in PT. They

give you one on one personal attention the whole time you are there. They work with you on things that are hurting that may not be your primary reason for being there (if you are a klutz like me). They understand that one injury may cause other problems elsewhere. I will probably be back there at some point, so I recommend the place! ” – A. M.

My experience with Recovery PT, and

especially my therapist, was excellent. She was by far the best therapist I have ever worked with. In the past, I have therapists tell me to go do this or that and then leave me alone. With my Recovery PT therapist, she was very hands-on and spent the entire timeworkingWITHme. I would highly recommend her and Recovery PT. ”

– A. N.

WHY CHOOSE RECOVERY PHYSICAL THERAPY? • We get results • We listen to the patient

• We use a one-on-one approach with a physical therapist to solve the problem • We use Biodex Balance and Extremity Systems • We keep open communication with you WE MAKE IT EASY! Simply Fax Prescriptions to One of Our 11 Convenient Locations! Fashion District: (212) 840-3063 Flatiron District: (646) 654-6789 Grand Central: (212) 682-2013 Midtown East: (212) 755-2030 Millburn, NJ: (973) 564-9717 Queens (Glendale) : (718) 894-8964 Rockefeller Center: (212) 302-1106 Upper East Side: (212) 831-9079 Upper West Side: (212) 874-1599 Wall Street: (212) 514-6475 Westchester (Larchmont): (212) 831-9079


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