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Breath of Fresh Air

SEPT. 2018

Reflecting on 54 Years

You Don’t Find Companies Like This

Some of you have been lucky enough to know and have worked with Al Henry. It’s not every day you have the good fortune to meet someone like Al. He’s been with Airtron since it was Marathon Sheet Metal and continued at Airtron Dayton and Cincinnati until this year, when he retired to take care of his wife, Peggy. Al’s impeccable work in sheet metal and his dedication to his trade make him an incredible team member and friend to many of us.We’re sad to see him go and we wish him and Peggy the best.

Al Henry and his wife, Peggy, enjoying a fishing trip

Here’s more about Al’s experiences at Airtron, in his own words.

And because my dad died when I was 12, I was used to hard work.

When this opportunity opened up at Airtron, at the time the business was known as Marathon Sheet Metal. After graduating from high school, I had the opportunity to go into the four-year apprenticeship program that really led me to where I am today. I’ve used many tools for my work, but my hammer has a lot of sentimental value.The employees who first taught me at Airtron gave it to me. It’s smaller than a regular hammer.They told me, “You need this hammer to put the sheet metal fittings together so they’re nice and smooth, so when you send it out to the installer, it looks good, and when it gets to the homeowner, it looks much better.” I got that hammer in the ‘70s, so it’s at least 50 years old or better. On the day of my retirement party, I was going to get my tools, but I couldn’t find my hammer.Turns out my coworkers had put it on a plaque and surprised me with it at my retirement party.

Greg Faris, current Airtron President,Al Henry, and Jim Jennings, Ex-Co-Owner/Former Airtron President

I’ve been with Airtron for 54 years. I was a sophomore in high school when I started.The story goes like this: I attended church with a sheet metal salesman, Russ Lo. He came to our house one day and told me one of their employees had been drafted for the VietnamWar, and he asked if I’d be interested in a job working in the warehouse. I said yes. Prior to that, I had two paper routes, and I worked on the farm planting onions nine months out of the year with three months off in the winter, so having one job seemed much better.

We have a great group of ladies and gentlemen here. I have great friends in all departments, and after Airtron Dayton and Cincinnati were


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