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While some families have to think about what they’ll do during summer break, my family’s set. Nearly every summer, my family goes up to Red River, New Mexico to spend time up in the mountains. We’ve been there so many times that now it’s pretty much a family tradition to pack up the car, drive the day-long trip, and spend a week-long break out in nature. Red River is the closest town to Hinton that’s surrounded by mountains. When we go up, we don’t bring tents. Instead, we stay at Carrabelle Condominiums. I’ve been going up to Red River for about seven to eight years now, and I’ve never once had a bad experience. The staff treat the vacationers well, it’s a family-oriented atmosphere, and they have their own privately owned fishing pond filled with rainbow trout for residents to catch. If you’re not into fishing, the town provides plenty of other things that you can enjoy. My family likes to take out the UTVs and drive through the tracks in the mountains. You can always take your four-wheeler out for a spin to FAMILY FUN ADVENTURES WHAT WE ENJOY DURING THE BREAK

admire the scenery and even spot some wildlife — there are a ton of elk up there. If you prefer to move on your feet, you can hike your way up to a peak for some great memories. My daughter, Addysen, loves the outdoors quite a lot for an 8-year-old. She gets a kick out of all the hiking, fishing, and downtime we spend up there, which I think is amazing. Being involved in nature provides her with experiences that feed her enthusiasm. When we go fishing, Addysen reaches her catcher limit for the day every time. It’s neat to see how impressive she is at fishing. I enjoy catching the trout, cooking them, and eating them while they’re still fresh. But Addysen conveniently finds something else to do when it comes to preparing the fish to be cooked. When it comes to hiking, though, she’s always ready to go. One day, we almost hiked up to the highest peak around Red River. We didn’t quite make it because I got nervous. Addysen still wanted to charge ahead, though, heading clear up to the top! I just didn’t have it in me.

Branson, Missouri is another excellent place for those looking to go out of state. There are all kinds of interesting and exciting things to do when you’re in Branson — you can stay busy forever! They have shows and attractions, including the Silver Dollar City theme park. The whole place is family-orientated with tons of hotels. During the day, there are plenty of places to go shopping or play mini-golf with the family. You can also visit the wax museum or Titanic museum they have up there. At night, there are plenty of sources of entertainment throughout the city, including shows like Dolly Parton’s Stampede. It’s important to relax and get away from it all during the summer. Whatever you plan to do this summer, get out there and have fun!

-Dustin L. Compton


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