IFB 2021 Kansas Health Plans Portfolio


Two kinds of help are available. Your estimated household income and other household information determine what you qualify for. You may find that with help, most or even all of your health care costs are covered.

PREMIUM TAX CREDITS You can use a tax credit to lower your monthly premium. This is what you pay each month for your insurance.

COST-SHARING This helps cover the costs of the care you receive. Cost-sharing is what you pay for the care covered by your plan. If you qualify, you must enroll in a plan in the Silver category. Members of federally recognized tribes may qualify for additional cost-sharing reductions (not shown in this brochure).

CHECK TO SEE WHAT YOU QUALIFY FOR If your estimated income is between 100-400% of the federal poverty level for your household size, you may qualify for a tax credit. Below are general guidelines that qualify for help*.

INDIVIDUALS With an income below $51,040

COUPLES With a household income below $68,960

FOUR-PERSON FAMILY With a household income below $104,800

*Source: healthcare.gov/lower-costs.


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