the plains community league annual report 2023

the john page turner house a gathering place

letter from the director

The beloved John Page Turner Community House, sitting centrally on Main Street, is the home of The Plains Community League. Last year we provided space for a myriad of programs and activities.

Erica Young, Director The Plains Community League

Dear Friends and Neighbors, I hope this letter finds you well and filled with the same sense of excitement and optimism that I hold as the new full-time Director of The Plains Community League. It is an honor to introduce myself and an even greater privilege to serve this wonderful community. This summer, I organized and ran TPCL’s new camp where 25 children enjoyed weeks of activities, camaraderie, and the outpouring of generosity that defines The Plains. And it was wonderful to see so many neighbors at “A Day in The Plains,”enjoying the free food, events, and activities, all planned and manned by volunteers. I’m looking forward to the coming months as TPCL offers once again our flagship tutoring program, Thanksgiving meals, holiday events, and summer camp next year. I invite you to join us in our efforts to make a positive impact on this community. Volunteer Your Time: Your time is a precious gift, and by volunteering, you can make a significant difference in the lives of others. Your involvement strengthens the bonds that make our town thrive and embodies TPCL’s mission statement: Neighbors Helping Neighbors. Donate To Make A Difference: Your financial support, no matter the amount, can pave the way for essential programs that benefit children and those facing challenges. Participate In Community Events: Our events are more than just gatherings – they’re opportunities to connect, learn, and grow together while having fun. I want to take this moment to express my gratitude to each and every one of you. Your contributions, whether big or small, play an essential role in shaping the vibrant, caring, and resilient community that we are proud to call home. With heartfelt appreciation,

In the early 1900’s, Town Council Member Joyce Heflin’s great- grandfather built this house which was run as a boarding house for teachers and others for many years. Later, the house was purchased by Andrea Currier who then generously donated it with restrictions that the house always be used for charitable services benefiting the community of The Plains and surrounding area. She also stipulated that it always be known as the John Page Turner Community House. Turner was an active member of The Plains Community League, mayor of The Plains, and taught English and French at Marshall and Fauquier High Schools. Naming the house after him was a fitting tribute to his legacy. The Plains Community League took both ownership and stewardship of the House in 2006. We received a large grant from Hillsdale Fund and this past year we completely renovated the back stairs. We are happy to maintain this historic property as we host so many of our charitable works that serve The Plains.

summer camp fun & friends

This year, The Plains Community League launched a new free summer camp for workforce children aged 7 to 13. The camp ran from June to August, operating from 9 AM to 5 PM, five days a week. With a commitment to providing memorable and enriching experiences for our young participants, the summer camp combined fun-filled activities, educational opportunities, and community involvement. TPCL Summer Camp was an unqualified success. It brought delight and education to 25 children, offering them a summer full of exciting experiences. With nutritious meals, stimulating activities, and the invaluable support of our community, the camp left a lasting mark on both campers and the town as a whole. The generosity displayed by local businesses and individuals serve as a testament to the power of coming together for a common cause. We look forward to building on this success and continuing to create meaningful experiences for our town’s youth next summer and beyond.

Scientists at work.

Summer Camp group photo at The John Page Turner House.

Everybody into the pool!

Just relaxing with a nice cup of tea.

Making friends at TPCL Summer Camp.

Thumbs up for bees!

embodies the spirit of our scholarship program. TPCL is dedicated to supporting those who wish to continue their education. TPCL’s best known service is our free tutoring program. Every Tuesday and Thursday during the school year, our tutoring program helped 21 local students improve their academic performance. Our tutoring program is unique, as we don’t just teach academics, we also build enduring community connections. Our tutors are volunteers ranging from retired professionals looking for a purpose to high school students doing community work to the tutored students themselves. One of the hallmarks of our program is students being tutored are encouraged to help tutor the younger students. It is one of the most powerful ways to reinforce lessons and build self- esteem and confidence.

education growing our future

This spring, TPCL granted scholarships to three new high school graduates and nine continuing college students. Now a junior, Joshua Kwon has been studying Civil Engineering at George Mason University. He has used his scholarship money each year for textbooks and tuition. He has just completed a summer internship that gave him a chance to see how his acquired skills can be put to work. College has changed Joshua, he has matured and is more responsible, managing his time well and keeping up with homework, studying and daily housekeeping chores. Joshua

“My advice would be to study hard but learn how to study properly. Many students in college can study for hours and not learn anything because they’re either distracted or don’t know how to study. There are many different methods to study, find the one that works best for you.” — joshua kwon

Tutoring in action.

Volunteers stuffing backpacks for school kids.

Science, technology, engineering, art & math (STEAM) for elementary & middle school.

community small town values

“Neighbors helping neighbors” is written into The Plains Community League’s constitution – we strive to foster community by providing our townspeople educational, outreach, and social opportunities.

With the help of our invaluable volunteers, The Plains Community League hosted a number of social events in the past year. From family-friendly visits with Santa and the Easter Bunny at the John Page Turner Community House to a town- wide festival to celebrate The Plains, these events provide opportunities for individuals to come together, all in the spirit of fun. Our outreach programs include Thanksgiving meals for those in need. TPCL provided holiday groceries for more than 30 families last year and will do so again this year. Our summer campers had a wonderful time building cardboard lemonade stands and collecting donations for the beverages. The campers later took the money to their chosen recipient, a neighbor in need of assistance with medical expenses. TPCL is dedicated to sending the message that these families are not forgotten, that their well-being matters, and that they are valued members of the community.

Packing for Thanksgiving.

Campers give from the heart.

One of our valiant flag crew.

Grateful Thanksgiving recipient.

Here comes Peter Cottontail!

thank you for supporting the plains community league

financials the plains community league, 2022/2023

Our goal each year is to spend no more than we receive in cash donations and grants. In this respect, last fiscal year was a financial success. Our income was prudently spent, with our positive net income allowing us to add a new summer camp. We also made our part-time Program Director position a full-time Director to ensure manpower to plan and execute the camp and support expansion of our existing programs. While the expense chart below shows what we spent, it doesn’t show the whole story. Cash donations keep the lights on and we can’t survive without them, but we also rely on the hundreds of hours our volunteers give and the donations of goods we receive. Combined, all of these are what keep our organization alive and thriving. And we can’t do it without you.

Assets At The Plains Community League, we are passionate about creating positive change in our community, and we ask for your support. Our mission is simple yet powerful: to enhance the lives of individuals and families in The Plains by providing opportunities for education, connection, joy, and care. how can you make a difference? Financial Contributions: Your generous monetary donations will help us continue our vital work and expand our reach. Volunteer: If you prefer to contribute your time and skills, we have a range of volunteer opportunities available throughout the year. Stay Informed: We’re happy to add you to our e-mail list to keep you updated on activities and volunteer opportunities. Loudoun Endowment $30,195.43 Together, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of those we serve and build a stronger, more connected community. Thank you for considering supporting The Plains Community League and being a part of our mission. Cash $119,568.76

2022-23 Expenses

2022-23 Income

Interest $297

JPT House Improvements $46,619.10

Events & Programs $27,089

Administrative $23,297

Foundations $39,214

Individuals $86,733

JTP House $10,142

Program Personnel $41,049

JPT House $440,403.78

A special note of appreciation to the individuals and foundations that have donated $5,000 or more in the past fiscal year: the path foundation, jacqueline b. mars, the wise foundation, andrea currier, and the mcghee foundation.

balance sheet as of june 30, 2023


Total Assets


Total Liabilities

2022-23 Expenses


Total Equity $633,977.99 Total Liabilities + Total Equity $636,893.05

Loudoun Endowment $30,195.43

JPT House Improvements $46,619.10

Events & Programs $27,089

To donate by PayPal or Credit Card, please go to our website at and click the donate button. Or scan the QR code to donate via PayPal. TAX ID# 52-1231763

Administrative $23,297

Per The Plains Community League bylaws, we maintain a minimum of a year’s operating expenses in our cash reserve. Restricted grants received in prior fiscal years allowed us to replace the back porch and stairs of the John Page Turner House this past spring. The JPT House improvements appear in the Asset chart, as does our cash reserve. JTP House $10,142

Cash $119,568.76

Program Personnel $41,049

JPT House $440,403.78

The Plains Community League is a publicly supported 501(C)3 non-profit tax-exempt organization. No goods or services are provided in exchange for this donation.

Gomer Pyles joins us at the TPCL tent during Grace Episcopal Church’s community lunch.

Denise Godfrey, President Nono Fisher, Vice President Ellen Richmond-Hearty, Secretary Mary Beth Jones, Treasurer board members

the plains community league P.O. Box 432 6473 Main Street The Plains, VA 20198

Jane Goode Molly Kelley Robin Melton Lori Sisson Erica Young, Director

contact us

Visit our website at to learn more about our organization and find out how you can get involved. Call us at 540.253.2119 for any inquiries or to discuss volunteer opportunities. Email us at if you have any questions or would like more information. TAX ID# 52-1231763

The Plains Community League is a publicly supported 501(C)3 non-profit tax-exempt organization. No goods or services are provided in exchange for this donation.

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