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the prospect has the info they need to make a logical decision. In the “fear” section, we talk about how things may go bad if they don’t take action, and we talk about the loss of bonuses or other items of value for not responding. What Do You Do When They Don’t Respond?

mad because they’re receiving the same stuff. Nothing could be further from the truth for 99.7 percent of prospects. The reality is that most people aren’t even paying attention to you, especially via email. Even if the prospect did opt-in, it’s unlikely they consumed the lead magnet and all the emails. If they were fully engaged, wouldn’t they have bought from you already? Let’s look at it from this angle: How many times have you downloaded a report, MP3, or webinar without watching, listening, or reading any of it. Or maybe you started it and didn’t finish it. This is a common practice for most people. If they don’t buy when you have a product or service that can help them, you have to assume they simply aren’t paying attention. Plus, I have seen people watch three webinars, open every email, and get my newsletter for a year before they decided to buy. At the end of the day, people are ready to buy when they’re ready to buy — not when you’re ready to sell to them. This is why you need a solid online and offline follow-up strategy. Bonus Tip: If you really want to crush more sales, take everything I just shared with you and add in a print newsletter. Don’t just send it to customers; send it to prospects, too, and use an FSI (free-standing insert) for prospects to support the offers made in the emails.

We mail in 45- to 60-day cycles about two to three times per week for promo-based emails. In addition, we send whole-list emails, like our Weekend Reading email, which hits every Friday afternoon, and our HTML newsletter that is sent the first of every month. We’ve found in the B2B space that this frequency is just right. We average about 0.5 percent opt-out per month, but that’s on 50,000 emails sent. HowWe Structure Our Prospect Emails

Most of your prospects simply won’t respond, which sucks. So, what do you do?

Once the first email cycle has been completed and no action has been taken, we give a small break in the emails (typically one week). Then, we drop the prospect into a new lead generation campaign and attempt to have them opt-in for new information to re-engage with us. During the re-engagement campaign, we provide additional value and run the “gain, logic, fear” campaign again based on those emails and that lead magnet’s offer. Once you’ve created four to six of these campaigns, you can simply cycle prospects through them. This will allow you to educate and provide value at the same time, which has the added benefit of building trust if prospects read and engage with the emails. Trust is a must for any sale to happen.

Of course, the next question follows logically: What Do You Do When Someone Has Completed All of Your Campaigns?

Still not sure any of this will work? This morning, I got an email, and this email is what inspired me to write this

This is where people get stuck the most, but let me share what we do. (And it totally works.) We simply start the campaigns over and offer to let them opt-in again, even for the same lead magnets they already opted-in for. Sometimes, when I share this idea of restarting the campaigns, people think the prospects are going to be

During this email cycle, we typically use a “gain, logic, fear” sequence — in that order. For example, if this were a “gain” section, we would talk about all the benefits of taking action and how their life or business would be positively affected by taking action. We may send five or eight emails in the “gain” section. In the “logic” section, we talk numbers, stats, and facts, so “ The reality is that most people aren’t even paying attention to you, ESPECIALLY VIA EMAIL.”

article. Here is the email from Stephanie Holmes of

TheMoneyFinder. ca. On a side note, if you’re a financial adviser in the United States or Canada, you need to know Stephanie.

Hey Shaun,

Just wanted to send you a little thank- you! We’ve been using a lot of what you shared at the last Momentum. We’re running a 45-day everyday campaign with a pattern of gain-logic-fear ... and it’s working! We put nearly 3,000 people into it. We’re at day 12 ... ZERO unsubscribes, a ton of opens, new free trials, and conversion!

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