Real estate is the get rich for sure business, not the get rich quick business.” —MICHAEL ZUBER

My investing strategy works long term because you start with positive cashflow day one and are not even considering appreciation. Positive cashflow allows you to hold through any blip in value as you don’t have to sell. Sure, appreciation happens and sometimes appreciation is awesome like the last 12 months, but we never count on it. We treat it like ice cream with a topping of whip cream. Ice cream (positive cashflow) is great all by itself but better with a dollop of whip cream (appreciation). Another trend I am happy to see disappear is the reliance on short- term adjustable-rate mortgages. The depth and length of the last crash was exacerbated by a constant flood of new mortgage adjustments that kept coming every month. This

help people climb the ladder for it to really pay off. We cannot have inves- tors get on and then get kicked off because they believed in some story about instant wealth or they choose to buy negative cashflow and just hold on. Your financial future will be better if you keep getting fixed rate debt and remove any future interest rate and payment adjustment. •

constant stream meant there were new people every month who could not afford the new payment and the foreclosure and short sale process started on another wave of unfortu- nate homeowners. I believe more than 95 percent of new mortgages are fixed rate and that is a very good thing as you don’t have interest rate risk with fixed rate debt. I suspect a lot of investors who have fixed rate debt at three percent (more or less) are going to feel really good when interest rates eventually go up to five or six percent. As I look at the current trends, I like what I see in the real estate education space as more folks are talking “think long term and be con- servative.” Getting on the real estate wealth ladder is critical, but we must

Michael Zuber worked in the Silicon Valley since graduating from Santa Clara University 20+ years ago. After wasting time and money in his 20s, he began

investing buy and hold rental properties and never looked back. Michael grew his rental property portfolio from a single rental house to financial freedom in 15 years. Now that he no longer has a day job, he shares his story via his self-published book and YouTube Channel, both called One Rental at a Time.

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