The Pros and Cons of Forging an Investor Partnership


by Doug Perry, Temple View Capital

hether you are just starting out as a real estate inves-

conversation, planning, and seri- ous consideration for both parties. In this piece, we want to high- light some of the pros and cons of tag-teaming with another investor, particularly if you’re a burgeoning investor yourself. THE PROS EXPERIENCE —If you’re a new investor, creating a partnership that’s a mentorship can be the most powerful way to learn while

on the job. Shadowing an expert can be a critical way to learn the ropes in a real-life setting, ask the questions that come to mind, and experience the challenges and joys of the real estate industry. A good mentor is an invaluable resource for any up-and-comer. DELEGATING WORK ACCORDING TO STRENGTHS —Multiple investors working together means gathering different strengths and experienc- es and delegating assignments according to individuals’ skills and


tor or have been in the game for a while but want to continue growing, there are various reasons to consid- er whether to partner with another investor. From the opportunity to be surrounded with experience, to having access to seed capital, invest- ment partnerships can be mutually beneficial in a lot of ways. For many investors, however, they can also be the wrong business path to take. While always a viable business option, it is one that requires much

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