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opaque markets. And, contributor Steve Streetman informs readers how a hearty plant is the new kid on the building-material block. What is strong, sustainable, and cost-effective that could replace lumber, concrete, insulation, and more? Find out what material is in the infant stages of transforming the building industry on page 54. Plus, the following pages hold what you need to know about online marketing, repositioning properties, infinite banking, the senior housing crisis, and so much more! As always, Think Realty brings you information that inspires and empowers you to build your real estate business, and we think that’s a trend worth practicing for the long term. •

im. Despite its invention in 1871, den- im became popular on the fashion scene in the 1950s and has stayed ever since. I’m sure many of you have your go-to pair of jeans—just like you have your favorite strategy of real estate investing. This month’s issue of Think Realty Magazine addresses trends in the real estate industry as our valued contribu- tors weigh in on what has worked, what has not, and what the future of real estate could look like. The cover story features Josh Stech, a real estate matchmaker who is develop- ing long-term trends in the real estate investing industry. Stech is the Co-Found- er and CEO of Sundae, a California-based firm that specializes in connecting people

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