By bringing a VA on board, you can outsource your non-core tasks and do what you do best.”

Investing in your business some- times means giving up control to others. By bringing a VA on board, you can outsource your non-core tasks and do what you do best: increase revenue and long-term success for your business. Lean on others in the industry who have nav- igated this initiative by asking them about their experiences and out- comes. If you are ready to make sus- tainable changes in your business, hiring a virtual assistant is a game changer. Freedom to be the boss you want to be is in your reach. •

someone behind a computer. Inquire about their family. What are their strengths in the busi- ness? By learning and getting to know your VA on a personal level, you can ensure they are a good fit for your business and understand what area they would be best utilized. • Include them. We have weekly virtual town hall meetings where all our VA’s are encouraged to attend. Include them in depart- ment meetings and 1:1 initiatives to avoid isolation. Inclusion will excite, motivate, and instill the mission of the business.

porated the following strategies for enlisting trust: • Staffing. We have a partner that helps us with the legalities of hiring, onboarding, and com- pensating our VA’s. We don’t just send a check in the mail at the end of the month. • Training. Start small. Don’t give too many tasks all at once. Slow- ly build on their duties rather than throwing everything on them at once. Ensure they know how to complete their job duties. • Reporting. Ask your VA to provide an end-of-day report so you can look for trends and manage their job duties effectively. Communication is key for success when hiring a VA. It is important to incorporate your VA into your team culture. Ensure that they know they bring value to you. The following are ways we successfully communicate with our virtual assistants: • Build a relationship with your VA. They are people too! Not just

• Communicate via multiple modes. Texts, phone calls,

Brian Snider graduated from Ohio Northern University with a Bachelor’s in Middle Childhood Education and spent 14 years teaching reading and math. After

Zoom meetings, video instruc- tions, and best of all email are all examples of how we com- municate with our VA’s. Having multiple options for communica- tion has allowed us to give fast results and to be more available for clients.

working on his Master’s degree to become a Principal, he decided that was not the path he wanted to take, so he took a job with Brett Snodgrass and Simple Wholesaling where he was Marketing Director, Dispositions Manager, then COO. He took over as the company’s CEO in June 2020.

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