Books as Art Bookcases can easily get cluttered with tons of disorganized books, but they can also be the focal point of a room when you use them as art. There are so many fabulous books with beautiful covers that make for stunning displays. If you have a blank space on a coffee table, bookshelf, or mantle, a colorful stack of books adds just the right pop. They can also had height for displaying various decorations.

Bold Color For a long time

now, we have been seeing interior walls painted all gray or all bright white. I think people want to see more pops of happy color. I feel like saturated colors are becoming popular, like emerald, maroon, and deep browns for a cozier vibe.

Exteriors without Trim For so long, exteriors have been gray bodies with white trim or brown bodies with beige trim. However, I see more and more houses, including my own, with no trim at all. I went with a beautiful dark charcoal color on my house, but I think we will see a lot more all-white houses too, then adding pops of black in shutters, windows, and exterior lights to break up the crisp white. I think this trend is here to stay because it makes the house look crisp, clean, and larger.

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