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54  Hemp Homes: A New Sustainable Building Trend An efficient, economical substitute for nearly all building materials does exist by Steve Streetman 56  Cardone’s Column: Buyers Must Be Creative

INVESTOR STORIES 12  Presidents’ Circle

as U.S. Dollars Race to Real Estate What a newfound appreciation for real assets means for the future by Grant Cardone

Featured Member: Jason Engelman

13  Contributor Corner

Meet Ellis Hammond

DESIGN POINT 58  Design Trends Worth Trying Popular décor ideas that are proving to stay awhile by Tamara Day 61  What Buyers Want

FUNDAMENTALS 22  Real Estate Trends Better Left in the Past What we can learn from past industry mistakes can save us millions later by Michael Zuber 26 Democratizing Real Estate The need for technology in the investor process by Ellis Hammond 28  Is Your Website a Billboard in the Desert? How property managers can create the proper brand by Tiffany Monday Richmond 30  Online Marketing Trends Real Estate Investors Should Not Overlook Gain more online presence with these must-try digital strategies by Shawn Tiberio 40  Reposition Properties to Maximize Profit Seeing potential and transforming spaces for sound investments by Larry Taylor STRATEGY 46  Be Your Own Banker While Creating Generational Wealth Part one of a series on the mindset of infinite banking by Gary Pinkerton, a Think Realty Resident Expert 52  Virtual Assistants: Changing Your Real Estate Business Why you should not wait to invest in a VA by Brian Snider

Housing trends that are here to stay by Marla Roberds

MARKETS & TRENDS 66  A Tale of Two Surges

Is the start of a post-pandemic boom in sight? by Ingo Winzer 68  Real Estate Agents – Doomed or Different? Adaptation will save the agents who mean business by Lorraine Beato 70  The Hygienic Housing Trend

The impact of smart-tech and wellness innovations by Andrew Taylor 72  The Growing Homelessness Crisis How communities can work together to help a generation by Nick Saifan

MINDSET 74  Too Many Investing Trends? How to stay the course and not get distracted by so many new ways to invest by Arianne Lemire

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