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A Brand-New Song and Dance

The other day I was at home, and I could hear my daughter playing in the other room. Audrey has learned a lot of new words recently, so it’s not uncommon to hear her talking up a storm while she’s playing. However, after a little while, I realized she wasn’t talking — she was singing! Earlier this year, Renee started taking Audrey to weekly music classes. At the end of each class, they all sing a goodbye song together. Audrey was singing that song to herself! It was really cute. I’m starting to think Audrey might become a musician. She loves to sing songs and play her little drums. In her music class, the teacher plays the guitar and all the kids get to play with shakers and cymbals. Audrey started going to class in the spring. At first, she just watched, but after a few classes, she joined in with the rest of the kids. As she learned more words, she started to sing the songs. In addition to the goodbye song, Audrey also likes to sing her ABCs and “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.” It’s awesome to see Audrey developing her own interests. She just turned 2 last month, so she’s at the age where she’s able to decide what she likes and dislikes. In addition to singing and music, Audrey is all about barnyard animals. We have this storybook about a farm that she really likes, which we read before bedtime on most nights. During the days, we’re also able to take Audrey to a playground near our house. She loves to climb around and play in the big tunnel. I’m so excited that Audrey is getting old enough to do some bigger kid stuff, like play on the playground. Newborns are adorable, but they’re really just blobs who make sounds at you. Audrey’s starting to become a little person, and it’s cool to see how fast things change. Of course, it's not “Audrey’s starting to become a little person, and it’s cool to see how fast things change.”

always songs and bedtime stories. Parenting books describe toddlers as “cavemen” and there are times when Audrey is a demanding little tyrant. But her bad moods never last long — just as quickly as her bad mood starts, Audrey can turn and be sweet and loving again. We’re pretty lucky that her language skills are so advanced because it makes dealing with her toddler moods a lot easier. A lot of kids will throw a fit because they want something and aren’t understood. Audrey is pretty good at communicating with us, so we usually know what she wants. At least then she’ll just throw a fit when we say no. Fortunately, the fits aren’t that common. The “terrible twos” haven’t really been so terrible with her.

Renee and I are really looking forward to spending another year with Audrey. This year, I’d really like to get a baby pool and get her into swimming lessons. Renee is a little nervous about it, but I think Audrey’s ready to take that next step into childhood. We’re so happy to see who she’ll become.

–Dr. Seth Evans

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