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3 Powerful Steps To Stronger Hips And Knees

Pain in the hip, knee and leg is often the result of poor flexibility, muscle weakness, lack of coordination, or a combination. You should never feel pain in your hip, knee or leg while you exercise. If you do, talk to your doctor or physical therapist. A physical therapist can target your weak spots then help you improve your balance, strength, posture and joint alignment to alleviate pain. 1. Comprehensive Evaluation Physical therapy always starts with a comprehensive evaluation to determine the source of the hip, knee or leg pain. Our physical therapists examine how you walk, bend, squat and move. Our therapists also evaluate joint

movement, and compare the strength and mobility of your joints. 2. Personalized Treatment Plan Ourphysicaltherapiststhencreateapersonalized treatment plan that includes exercises and special hands-on techniques. This brings quick relief, and the longest lasting results possible. Physical therapy exercises strengthen, stretch and stabilize muscles surrounding the affected joints to provide additional support. We also advise you on biomechanical devices that help reduce hip, knee and leg pain, such as braces and other orthotics.

3. Meaningful Lifestyle Change Our physical therapists also suggest meaningful lifestyle changes that help reduce your existing pain, and prevent new pains from developing. As part of your treatment, your physical therapist also can recommend gentle activities that strengthen your legs, such as swimming, riding a bicycle or engaging in water exercises. If you have hip, knee or leg pain, call us to schedule a consultation or evaluation. Our physical therapists help to determine the underlying cause of your pain, and then create a personalized treatment plan just for you. Start enjoying a more pain free active lifestyle by calling us today!

2019 Health Insurance Plans with PT Benefits

Many health insurance plans reset deductibles and out of pocket maximums on a calendar year basis. If there havebeenanychangestoyourplan,pleasenotethatyour co-pay or other out of pocket obligations may change. Call if you have any questions and we can help!

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