ERA and EI Action Plan

What work will be done for future rounds?

Collect once approach to data submission

Data harvesting for partial pre-filling of submissions


Adoption of by-line method

Annual collection


The ARC will move to a ‘collect once’ approach to minimise the need to provide the same data for multiple government data collections, reducing the reporting burden for universities. This will include aligning ERA data requirements with DESE Higher Education Data collections such as HERDC/HESDC.

The ARC will work with universities, government departments and citation providers to enable greater harvesting of data from existing data sources. The ARC will explore the potential use of automated FoR assignment to research outputs. Work will commence in 2nd half of 2021 and be ongoing until submissions are due for the ERA round after ERA 2023. The ARC will continue to evaluate data harvesting and pre-filling technologies each round, and incorporate into the ERA data collection processes as appropriate.

♦ The ARC will adopt a by-line method for determining research output eligibility post ERA 2023. An expert working group will address complexities around implementation.

♦ To reduce the intensive reporting burden of previous rounds, the ARC will commence a transition to annual collection of ERA research output and other data, following the implementation of sufficient streamlining measures.

ARC will consult with universities and establish an expert working group due to report in the 1st half of 2022. Universities will be advised of the outcomes of the report at this time. By-line eligibility for research outputs will be included in ERA submission guidelines after ERA 2023.

The ARC will consult with universities with timing dependent on the outcomes of other streamlining measures. Annual reporting will be implemented in ERA submission guidelines after ERA 2023.


♦ Discussions with DESE have commenced.

The ARC HERDC and HESDC staffing and income data will be used for the ERA round after 2023.

*Timeframes are indicative


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