ERA and EI Action Plan

WHAT DO YOU NEED TO DO NOW? ♦ Start using the ANZSRC 2020 FoR codes to code research outputs and other data ♦ Ensure research is appropriately assigned to the FoR Division 45 Indigenous studies in ERA 2023 and EI 2024 What do universities need to know? ♦ Stop collecting ERA applied measures data for ERA submissions, noting the need for appropriate evidence requirements for EI ♦ Note that the ERA rating scale and benchmarking are being reviewed – the ARC will establish an expert working group to assist ♦ Note that EI engagement indicators will be optional, chosen by universities as appropriate for each FoR, and included only within the narratives ♦ Note that the EI definition of research end-user will be amended to include publicly funded research organisations WHAT DO YOU NEED TO PLAN FOR? ♦ Providing input into consultations and working groups: ♦ the ARC will be moving to a by-line method (post-2023) as the primary criteria for research output eligibility ♦ the EI rating scale will be revised to provide increased granularity and descriptors that are informative to all participants ♦ the definitions for approach to impact, and additional guidance for impact, engagement and research end-user as part of consultations on draft submission guidelines ♦ the development of a calculation methodology for the number of impact case studies required in EI, to be proportionate to the size and capacity of the discipline area ♦ Stronger encouragement to report Open Researcher and Contributor (ORCID) iDs and Digital Object Identifier (DOI) and link to research outputs ♦ Consider ways to help the ARC increase the size, quality and diversity of the ERA peer reviewer pool WHAT DO YOU NEED TO BE AWARE OF? ♦ The ARC will work with other government data custodians to use data from existing datasets where possible (e.g. HERDC/HESDC) ♦ ERA will move to annual data collection (post-2023), following the implementation of sufficient streamlining measures ♦ Future ERA submissions (post-2023) will be partially pre-filled using existing data sets ♦ The ARC will work to publish as much ERA and EI data as possible, including publishing research output metadata with FoR apportionment, for transparency ERA AND EI ACTION PLAN | 5

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