ERA and EI Action Plan

What is the ARC doing immediately?

New vision and objectives

Greater data access and insights


Streamlining measures

Revised rating scales

Indigenous research

DESCRIPTION ♦ The ARC will adopt new objectives for ERA and EI to align the programs under a single vision.

♦ This ARC project is ongoing. Stakeholder discussions will commence in the 2nd half of 2021. ♦ Reporting requirements will be included in ERA 2023 and EI 2024 submission guidelines. increase the value of ERA and EI data by providing current and future data in a more accessible and transparent format to existing and new end-users. publishing the metadata for ERA research outputs with FoR apportionments following an ERA round. promote greater insights from ERA and EI data, especially for government and other end-users. ♦ The ARC will work to ♦ This will include ♦ The ARC will work to

♦ The ARC will consult with stakeholders on the revision of rating scales for the next rounds of ERA and EI. ♦ An expert working group will provide advice on recalibrating the ERA rating scale, the peer review and citation analysis assessment benchmarks, and the definition, appropriateness and application of the ‘world standard’ benchmark. ♦ The ARC will also revise the EI rating scale and rating descriptors, in consultation with stakeholders.

The ARC will implement the new ANZSRC FoR Division 45 Indigenous studies in ERA 2023 and EI 2024. The ARC will assess Indigenous research through peer review. The ARC will work with universities on leadership in implementing Division 45.

♦ The ARC will undertake work on measures to streamline the submission process for universities, including use of existing data sets and new technological approaches. ♦ This will include aligning ERA data requirements with Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE) higher education data collections such as Higher Education Research Data Collection (HERDC) Higher Education Staff Data Collection (HES DC ).

TIMEFRAME* ♦ New vision and objectives will be

Consultation with universities on rating scales for ERA and EI will commence in the 2nd half of 2021.

♦ The ARC will continue to work with universities and Indigenous researchers to support the implementation of Division 45.

The ARC has commenced discussions with the DESE on the use of HERDC and HESDC data.

adopted immediately.

An expert working group will be established for ERA ratings, which will report in the 1st half of 2022. New ERA and EI rating scales will be published alongside submission guidelines in 1st half of 2022. ♦ ♦

*Timeframes are indicative


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