Missouri Pet Breeders Association

MPBA Elite Breeders Program Q uestions? Contact Sue Swanigan Phone: (417) 399-9047 Or Email

To become a part of the Elite Breeders Program , you will need to print and fill out the following form. Please m ail your completed form to : MPBA Office, 313 W. Commercial, Lebanon, MO 65536 The 10 Paw Steps to the Top. . . MPBA Elite Kennel Program Paw #1 ~ Be a MPBA Member of good standing.

Paw #2 ~ Be a Chapter Member and attend at least 6 meetings a year. Paw #3 ~ Hold a State License and perform Annual Kennel Inspections Paw #4 ~ Hold a USDA License and perform Annual Kennel Inspections Paw #5 ~ Perform a hands on health check for each dog in your Kennel Annually by your Kennel Veterinarian Paw #6 ~ Have in place an exercise and socialization program approved by a Licensed Veterinarian. Paw #7 ~ Have the proper equipment to micro-chip each puppy for the safety and security of owner and puppy. Paw #8 ~ Use the MPBA’s Vaccine Protocol / unless your client asks you to use theirs.

Recommended Breeder Vaccination Schedule

3 Weeks

5 Weeks

7 Weeks 5-Way* &

8 Weeks

Puppy move to new home

Parvo or 5-Way*

Kennel Cough

Kennel Cough

Recommended Dog Owner Vaccination Schedule

9 Weeks 5-Way*

12 Weeks

16 Weeks 5-Way* +

12 Months 5-Way* +

Annual Booster

5-Way* + 4-Way lepto 4-Way lepto 4-Way lepto & Kennel Cough 4-Way lepto & Kennel Cough 5-Way* +

* The 5-Way vaccine protects against the core diseases that every dog is at risk for. Based on the environment where the dog lives, it may be necessary to vaccinate for other diseases as Coronavirus, Borellia (lyme disease) or the 4-Way Lepto. Vaccines play a key role in keeping puppies healthy. When vaccines are given properly, following an appropriate vaccination schedule, they aid in protecting puppies from infectious diseases. The MPBA is one of the first state breeding associations to take the lead and encourage a standard breeder and dog owner vaccination protocol making Missouri on the cutting-edge of disease protection for dogs. Paw #9 ~ Obtain at least 24 CEU’s (Continued Education Units) per year. Note: If you are unsure where to obtain these CEU’s please contact a Chapter Board Member or an Elected Officer of the MPBA to find out what and where the CEU’s may be obtained. E -Mails for MPBA Officers are in the MPBA Magazine or find them online at Paw #10 ~ Volunteer at least 24 hours of your time for the Pet Industry per year. (MPBA Events and or other dog related events.)

Each member pledges to the best of their ability, that all animals in their care will receive the best care of and follow their Kennel Veterinarian’s instructions for the best Health and Welfare of their animals.


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