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2.58 USDA Inspected Bone-InCenter Cut PorkChops Lb.

3.98 USDA Select Beef Boneless Cubed Steaks


2.78 USDA Inspected, Thin Sliced Bone-In PorkChops

3.98 USDA Select Beef EyeOf RoundSteak


1.78 USDA Inspected Bone-InCountry Style PorkRibs Lb.

3.98 85%Lean Fresh GroundRound


3.28 Frozen Fully Cooked HotWings

2 /$ 5 10-Oz., Selected HamOr Turkey SmithfieldPremium LunchMeats




Premium, Honey Or Maple Smithfield Anytime Sliced Quarter Ham

2.98 16-Oz., Hot Or Mild Swaggerty’s Farm Roll Sausage

2.98 12-Oz., Tray Pack Swaggerty’s Links Or Patties

3 /$ 10 24-Oz., Selected Carolina Pride SmokedSausage

2 /$ 5 13-Oz. Beef Or 14-Oz. All Meat Carolina Pride Cocktail Smokies

1.68 16-Oz., Selected OscarMayer MeatWieners

2 /$ 5 8-Oz. PuffPack

5 /$ 5 2.44 To 2.9-Oz., Selected Armour Lunchmakers

7.98 5-Lb. Bag Chicken Wing Portions

4 /$ 5 16-Oz., Big Dogs Or Gwaltney Great Dogs

4 /$ 5 16-Oz., Reg. Or Thick Gwaltney Great Meat Bolony

IGASliced Pepperoni

4.98 10-Oz., Frozen Reserve ShrimpRing

3.98 16-Oz., Frozen Great Fish Flounder Fillets

2.98 16-Oz., Frozen Great FishCo. Tilapia Fillets

Catch of theWeek

deli and bakery!

2.98 11.5-Oz. Stouffer’s ChickenPot Pie

3.98 OvenRoastedOrBuffalo Kretschmar ChickenBreast

3.98 Kretschmar Black Forest Deli Ham

5.98 49-Oz.,DoubleLayer GermanChocolate Cake

1.98 12-Count OrlandoBakery Slider Buns

2.98 9-Ct.,Selected Art Dessert TeaCakes



2.98 AmishClassCheese Colby Or Colby Jack Mini Horn Lb.

4.98 HotAndDelicious WholeRotisserie Chicken

5.49 7-Oz.,Selected Kerrygold IrishCheese

2.98 22-Oz.,8-Inch PumpkinOr Sweet Potato Pie

1.98 6-Count AppleCrispOr PumpkinGlazedDonuts

1.98 LaBrea TakeNBake Tuscan Loaf

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