Think Realty is successfully building their brand on this foundation. As often is the case in the real estate industry, you may be promoting more than investment properties. Perhaps you are marketing services for real estate professionals, educational courses, books, a line of products, or yourself as an influencer or coach to share your knowledge with other investors. This is an industry of entrepreneurs, and, in that spirit, there is always something newer, bigger, better, and faster being touted in the market. Being transparent and shift- ing your message to your unique “one thing” helps you rise above, whether you’re marketing one product or service, or have a dynamic set of offerings. While assessing your brand, think about the purpose behind your compa- ny. Ask yourself: • What was the driving force behind creating the business?

Whether you’re a new brand or well-established, reflecting on your identity and defining who you are in the market is a valuable exercise that can open opportunities within your target market—or maybe even expand your market! A strategic marketing profes- sional can help you navigate the process and is an investment to consider if you’re seeking to build a solid founda- tion for growing your brand. Now, how about a little Baba O’Riley? •

• What problem was being solved?

•  What are you passionate about, as a brand? •  What do you hope your audience will gain by engaging with your brand? Your answers will get you closer to defining your “one thing” statement. Your statement can (and should) be summed up in a phrase or, in some cases, one or two words. Another real estate services firm we worked with built their company on the premise of responding quickly to customers in a market where response times were slow, while also providing an educational platform to inform consumers on safety issues that could impact families. Their “one thing” was defined as “hustle with heart”. This concept is carried through- out their brand messaging, and definite- ly sets them apart from the competition.

by Carol Sours


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your business. The real estate industry is dominated by sales pitches and mar- keting noise. You have to crank up the volume on what sets you apart. Defining your “one thing” is half the battle. It starts with a brand self-assessment. This is the part when you do a deep dive to identify the personality behind your brand and the characteristics that are unique to your organization. What does your business do better—or un- like—any other? If you’re inclined to say “service,” dig a little deeper. Everyone delivers excellent service (or says they do). Maybe it’s the approach you take, your mission, or a unique philosophy

instilled in your company culture. As an example, in development of the Think Realty brand, our team at Rivet identified the core mission as helping investors achieve their goals. Research showed that real estate investors are driven by the pursuit of building wealth, being in control of their own schedule and time, and creating a better life for themselves and their families. Out of this came Think Realty’s “one thing”: being the go-to resource for investors seeking to build wealth, optimize time, and live a life of greater purpose. It is a message unique to Think Realty, is genuine, and resonates with investors.

Who in your head? You’re welcome.) More specifically, who are you when it comes to your brand? Does your target market know your brand? Are they perceiving your brand the right way? Managing that perception—your mes- sage and identity—is critical and may seem overwhelming, but it all comes down to focusing on one thing: finding your “one thing.” Your “one thing” is your differentiator, your branding thumbprint. It’s the pillar of your brand promise, the attribute, advantage or offering that is unique to

Carol Sours is the chief brand strategist at Rivet, a strategic marketing, design and digital development firm serving clients around the globe from their studio in Kansas City, Missouri. Rivet led the development of the Think Realty brand, including design, messaging, and strategy. The Rivet team has niche expertise in brand development in the real estate investment and services industry. Learn more at

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