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The “Perfect” Exit Strategy


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eal estate investors love pithy sayings: “Your network is your net worth.” “You make your money when you buy.” “Buy low, sell high.” And, perhaps the most apt of all: “Start with your exit strategy.” A good exit strategy does not involve a true exit, however. A good exit strategy creates a positive change for the investor (for example, selling that flip for a tidy sum) and a positive experience for the other parties involved (for example, the contractors get paid; the former owner’s property-related distress is resolved, and your buyer loves their new house). When a good exit strategy is implemented, the investor walks away with amazing relationships that will yield returns far into the future in the form of more deals, more opportunities, and new horizons. Those outcomes are the hallmark of the perfect exit strategy and, though it is bittersweet to write this, they are perfect description of my exit from this position as Think Realty Magazine ’s editor-in-chief. This issue, December 2018, is my last, and I can never thank any of you reading this now enough for your eyes on every issue, your responses on every article, and the incredible depth and breadth of knowledge and experience in this industry that so very many of you were willing to share. Working with every one of the magazine teammembers, contributors, resources, sponsors, experts, producers, and advertisers has been an honor and a pleasure. I am so proud of the publication we created together.

In this December issue, as so many publications do, we deal with the tra- ditional year-end, exit topics revolv- ing mainly about how to conduct the perfect 2018 exit and enter 2019 with all the momentum of today’s market moving you forward tomorrow.

•  Our cover feature, Fannie Mae chief economist Doug Duncan , breaks down the process of the detailed data analysis and forecasting for which he is renowned – and tells you how to use that data yourself. •  Expert contributors in syndication, commer- cial real estate, and residential strategy review 2018 in surgical detail before revealing their personally researched insights and practical investment adjustments heading into 2019. •  The Market Data & Analysis section takes on a newly comprehensive element, incorporating more direct instruction and commentary from investors in the field than ever before, just in time for you to use that information in your own 2019 preparations. I hope you settle down in the gentle glow of the fire, if it’s cold this season where you’re reading, or with your toes in the sand if you already embody another investor favorite, “Live where you want, but invest where the deals are,” and take a minute to savor the last issue of 2018 before looking for- ward, with great anticipation, to the opportunities your exit from the old year into the new is bring- ing you with Think Realty Magazine by your side. I look forward to watching 2019 unfold with you. •



CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Jeff Adler, Aubrey Chernick, Dennis Cisterna, Jennifer Jo Cobb, Anita Corsini, Kathy Fettke, Samuel K. Freshman, Pamela J. Goodwin, Bill Griesmer, Jenna Heneghan, Bruce McNeilage, Greg Rand, Carol Sours, BreAnn Stephenson,

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