White Shiplap Look beneath the drywall for original interior shiplap in older homes. seen on pg 14 Install your own with boards from any box store.

Walkability The measure of how friendly an area is to walking.

Farmhouse Sink Sink design with a deep basin and no cabinets in front.

seen on pg 17 or

seen on pg 17

WHAT YOU SAW IN THIS ISSUE A mile-high view of some highlighted resources from this issue of Think Realty Magazine.

Zoom A cloud-based video conferencing and communications system.

SBA Loans Loans facilitated by the Small Business Administration to help small businesses access capital.

seen on pg 49

seen on pg 13

White or GreyTile Don’t replace classic white or grey tile floors unless they’re in disrepair. seen on pg 57 Think Realty members save on Sherwin-Williams flooring. Visit

Unconventional/Minimalist Holiday Color Palette Keep things simple and in your existing color scheme when staging during the holidays.

ALittle “Piece of Home” Signage décor makes a staged property feel chic and cozy at the same time.

seen on pg 57 Custom unique decor available at .

seen on pg 58

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