Seven Oaks Irrigation System Analysis Report


Introduction The purpose of this report is to present an assessment of the current condition and expected remaining service life of the irrigation system at Seven Oaks Country Club. The information in this report is based on an analysis of record drawings of the irrigation system, discussions with the maintenance staff, visual observations during a site visit and catch can testing performed to evaluate the distribution uniformity of the sprinklers. Background The irrigation system covered in this report was completed in two phases. The original 18 holes were opened in 1990. This course covers approximately 133 acres of irrigated turf. The west 9 was opened around 2000 / 2001 and covers about 100 acres of irrigated turf. Depending on the design, the quality of the materials used, the quality of the installation and how the system has been operated, an irrigation system generally last between 15 and 30 years, with 20 being the average, before major upgrades or complete replacement are required. Because the overall irrigation system is made up of component parts and sub-systems, some parts or sub-systems wear out sooner than others. These components and sub-systems will be discussed in more detail in this report. Water Source and Water Requirement The primary water source for the entire 27 holes is supplied by a well that is located immediately adjacent to the pump stations. The reported capacity of the well is 3000 gpm however when the pump was started during our visit, it only registered 1500 gpm on the flow meter. We presume the well was dug during the original construction in 1990. It was upgraded in 2014 with a new well casing and a deeper set. There is also a backup supply from a city water meter adjacent to the maintenance yard that has a 6” backflow preventer. Although we do not know the exact meter size, based on the backflow size, we estimate that this source should be able to provide up to 1000 gpm. The city water meter has not been used for at least the last 5 years.

We prepared an estimated water requirement by month for each course. This is included at the back of this report as Attachment 1.

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