Languid Laos - 2007

Our lunch that day was taken in a village restaurant across the river from the Pak Ok caves. We had fresh fish from the river and it was absolutely delicious. Our usual drinks were beer and wine for Micki and Dan and Fanta Orange drinks for us. This little restaurant had all these beverages. Sides are usually potatoes and veggies. On our return boat ride back to the city, we stopped at a little village of weavers. It was small and filled with local shops where the ladies spin their own silk threads from the silkworm cocoons and create their own beautiful patterns when they weave tablecloths, bedspreads, shawls, skirts, placemats, napkins, and just about anything else you can imagine in silk. We greatly admired one young lady’s creations of abstract patterns in beautiful earth colors, looking almost like something from our Southwest. So we bought a table-runner from her. She could not take a credit card and we had no cash with us. So she promised to come to our hotel with the runner where we would be able to pay her in cash. She was as good as her word and appeared with the runner about an hour after we had arrived, having made the trip on her motorscooter!


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