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Aspirational content detailing the lives of the wealthy is a staple across all types of entertainment. From “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” to “Downton Abbey,” media can give a glimpse into a world we’ll never get to inhabit ourselves. Unsurprisingly, YouTube is no different with dozens, if not hundreds, of channels providing an intimate look into the lives of the uber-rich. One such channel, Mo Vlogs, features an ever-growing account of the Middle East’s youngest millionaires and billionaires. It’s, um, quite a trip. A few characteristics separate Mo Vlogs from garden-variety,“I’m richer than you” YouTube accounts. Mo lives in Dubai, which means his posts offer a chance to observe an emerging culture from an insider’s perspective. Dubai, like many oil-rich cities, is swarming with new money. As a result, people don’t feel as sheepish around brand obsession and gilded opulence. The heights to which Mo and his friends flaunt their wealth borders on the ridiculous. It’s likely

that nobody in the United States would be caught buying a Rolls-Royce in $1 bills, but Mo is more than happy to. Another of Mo’s unique qualities is how disarmingly charming he is. His is not a channel of pure, unbridled arrogance. Instead, he encourages viewers to share in his joy. He never curses, loves his family, and keeps the tone of his content light- hearted. After all, it’s hard to be stone-faced when you have a life like his. One of the most fascinating things about platforms like YouTube is how they make our world smaller. Mo Vlogs is neither a government-sanctioned nor Americanized view of Dubai’s young and loaded. Instead, it’s one man’s fairly straightforward posts about his daily life. Sure, Mo’s life is preposterous by our standards, but it’s a life all the same. Given that SocialBlade lists Mo Vlogs in the top 1,000 blogs on YouTube with the most subscriptions, it’s safe to say many people are interested in his world.

YouTube Channel of the Month Mo Vlogs

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