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August 2017

Jason A . Schermer , D . D . S & Noor Almuda l l a l , D .M. D COMPREHENS I VE RESTORAT I VE & ESTHET I C DENT I STRY

5825 Lande r b rook Dr i ve , Su i t e 124 , May f i e l d He i gh t s , OH 44124

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Hello, everyone!

Dental Medicine, I dedicated time to scientific research, but this time I looked into how oral health relates to women’s health. I saw my research published many times, which was a huge honor.

I’m guest-starring today! Dr. Jason passed me the spotlight because next month I’ll celebrate my first anniversary of working with Dr. Jason and all of you! It’s been a really great year. While I’m still fairly new to the office, I’m not new to dentistry. I spent three years practicing dentistry prior to teaming up with Dr. Jason, and I have to stay, this is by far one of my favorite dentistry experiences.

Conducting research and writing papers is something I greatly enjoyed, though I’m not active in the research side of dentistry today. Now that I have patients to take care of, they always come first. All my life, I’ve wanted to do something in medicine where I could help the most people. It wasn’t until high school that I decided the mix of science,

strive to identify the causes and help every child live a full, happy life.

As a born-and-raised Clevelander, I’m eager to give back to my community. When I first met Dr. Jason and was introduced to the practice, I was thrilled to have this opportunity to work in such a state-of-the- art facility and help patients with all the latest technology available in dentistry. Of course, the “latest and greatest” may lose its charm pretty fast, but being a part of this community never gets old. All the patients I’ve met have been so wonderful, and it’s been great getting to know everyone. Thank you all for making my first year here a wonderful experience. I look forward to many more!

Even before I became dentist, I spent a good 10 years of school preparing to enter

medicine, and social interaction inherent in dentistry would be a perfect fit. When you have the ability to help make someone’s life better, I can’t imagine why you would turn your back on that responsibility.

“All my life, I’ve wanted to do something in medicine where I could help the most people.”

My goal to help people extends beyond the practice. I’m a

the field. I graduated from Case Western Reserve University with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and a master’s degree in anatomy. The scientific side of dentistry has long fascinated me, and I loved being able to understand it further. My focus on anatomy allowed me to look at dentistry beyond just teeth and see how the facial aesthetics of the head and neck all come together. When I moved on to pursue my doctorate at Case Western’s School of

member of the Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital Associate Board, a group primarily made up of young professionals from around Cleveland who’ve joined together to create a positive impact. Each year, we pick an important issue to address and raise money and awareness for. Right now, our focus is on infant mortality. Cuyahoga County faces some of the highest rates of infant mortality in the United States, and we

- Dr. Noor Almudallal



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news, you’re more likely to spot threats in your day-to-day activities that aren’t there, which leads to anxiety. Another recent study found that the journalists themselves who are constantly exposed to graphic images score higher on PTSD, depression, and alcohol consumption than the average American. Why Is the News So Negative? As news media revenue goes down and people become desensitized, news organizations feel the pressure to show emotionally relevant material such as crime and accidents. At a basic level, for something to be “newsworthy” — negative or not — it needs to be the exception to the rule, not the norm. That means watching the news might give you an inaccurate view of what daily life is like in the world. How to Fight the Negativity It’s important to understand important issues of the day. But when the news becomes too much, psychologists encourage you to take a break with some good news — or no news at all. Your TV might have you think the only three events in the world are war, crime, and sports. But advances in medicine and technology happen all the time! Seek out those stories, or take a break from news altogether. That’s when no news can become good news.

The Effects of Negative News They Say Ignorance Is Bliss … But Is It Healthy?

It’s nearly impossible to log on to social media or turn on the TV without seeing something distressing. It could be a local crime story, a terrorist attack, or — at the very least — reactions to one of the most polarizing presidents in American history. Just reading it now might even be bothersome, so we’ll move on. Instead of dwelling on what’s troubling, let’s focus on how to protect our mental health.

already knew: People feel sadder after watching negative news than positive news. Got it.

But here’s what we didn’t know: People who watch negative news feel worse about pre-existing worries than people who watch happy or neutral events. That means people watching the news don’t just feel anxious about the world, they feel more anxious about their own lives. British psychologist Dr. Graham Davey, who specializes in the effects of media violence, says negative news can affect how you interact with the world around you. As you consume threatening

The Psychology of Bad News A study by Psychology Today found what we


“For the first time in my life, I look forward to cleanings, and I’m not afraid of having dental work performed! Yesterday, I had the best cleaning in my life.” – Linda N. “Dr. Schermer is very well- respected and talented. He takes the pain out of dentistry with his gentle touch and compassionate approach. His practice is something to smile about. Book an appointment today!” – Kelly D.

“Very professional, patient, and accommodating office staff! Thorough exam and reasonable treatment plan. Highly recommended.” – Rochelle P. “Dr. Schermer practices with knowledge and compassion. He is a very likeable person, and I’ve heard patients say amazing things about his gentleness and extreme care!” – Simone C.


(440) 483-1003

The Future Is Now

How 21s t Cen t u r y Tech Trans f o rms You r Smi l e

The science fiction future pop culture promised we’d have in the 21st century still seems a long way off. However, while we might not have flying cars or hoverboards, today’s technology is still remarkable. Everyone carries a computer in their pocket and small robots clean our carpets without us having to lift a finger. You can even find impressive feats of technology right at your dentist’s office! One such example is 3-D optical scans, or digital impressions, which eliminate goopy impression material and provide incredible perks.

Invisalign Not sure if straight teeth will improve your smile? Thanks to digital impressions, you can see what you’d look like with straight teeth in a matter of minutes! The scans can then be used to design your customized Invisalign trays. Your braces- free smile transformation begins with just the click of a button. Same-Day Crowns and Veneers Digital impressions allow dentists to speed up many parts of the dental experience. No longer do

you need to work your schedule around multiple office visits while struggling with temporary appliances when you need a crown or veneer. Digital impressions use software to design and craft your new tooth instantly. You’ll walk out of the office that same day with the work completed! Monitor Changes of Your Teeth “How much more wear is there? Is this tooth that’s out of place new or has it been there for years and I only just noticed?” These are common questions, and now, thanks to digital impressions, dentists

have the answer. A quick scan stores a digital model of your teeth, which can be compared to subsequent scans during future visits. Dentists can track changes and notice problems before they become severe. Digital impressions are just one of many new technologies that make going to the dentist easier. These technologies advance every day, and it’s exciting to see what new benefits the future will bring.

Leah’s Bad Dad Joke of the Month

Avocado & Cucumber COLD SOUP

Ingredients • Olive oil •

• • • • •

1 lemon, juiced ½ cup cold water 1 clove garlic ¾ teaspoon salt

Why do chicken coops only have two doors? Because if they had four, they would be chicken sedans!

2 medium ripe avocados, halved 1 large cucumber, halved 6 stalks spring onions

• • •

½ teaspoon black pepper

1 jalapeno

Instructions 1. Preheat grill to medium-high.

2. Coat halved avocados with lemon juice to avoid browning. Brush olive oil over avocados, cucumber, spring onions, and jalapeno. Oil grill while hot. 3. Grill vegetables until everything is grilled or slightly charred. Once grilled, remove and place on platter to cool. 4. Chop grilled veggies and puree with lemon juice, cold water, garlic, salt, and black pepper. 5. Once smooth, portion soup into bowls and refrigerate to cool before serving. 6. Garnish with toasted cubed bread, avocados, spring onions, chives, lemon zest, or a drizzle of olive oil, if desired.



Jason A . Schermer , D . D . S & Noor Almuda l l a l , D .M. D COMPREHENS I VE RESTORAT I VE & ESTHET I C DENT I STRY



(440) 483-1003

I N S I D E A Special Word From Dr. A 5825 Landerbrook Drive, Suite 124 Mayfield Heights, OH 44124

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Ignorance Is Bliss … Is It Healthy?

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The Future Is Now

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Leah’s Bad Dad Joke of the Month

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View of a Lifetime


The Museum of Idaho, Idaho Falls, Idaho

On August 21, 2017, the greatest show of the summer will take place in the United States: a total solar eclipse! This eclipse will be visible across the continental U.S., however not every state will enjoy the full extent of this occurrence. Here in Cleveland, we’ll only see an eclipse with 80 percent totality. Luckily, if you want to witness the total solar eclipse for yourself, some of the best viewing locations are only a day’s road trip away.

Carolina, where the state capital of Columbia is almost right in the middle of the path of totality. Plenty of hotels make Columbia a great viewing location for those who don’t want to camp out, and the vibrant city life means you’ll have lots to do even when the eclipse is over.

The Museum of Idaho has been designated an Official NASA Observation Site, and the museum is hosting four days of awesome events to celebrate. Enjoy live presentations, technology demonstrations, and special exhibits as you prepare to watch the total eclipse with NASA scientists. Visit the official website of The Great American Eclipse at www.greatamericaneclipse.com for everything you need to know about this once-in- a-lifetime sight!

Sandhills, North Platte, Nebraska

In the heartlands, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more perfect viewing location than the Sandhills of western Nebraska. With wide open skies, low rolling hills, and no towering buildings to get in the way, the Sandhills are sure to be a popular viewing spot.

Columbia, South Carolina

Need a place to watch the eclipse in the Southern U.S.? Then get yourself to South


(440) 483-1003

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