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JUNE 2019

THE POWER OF PRODUCER PERSONAS How You Can Leverage Your Existing Base to Fuel Growth

to. You think you know who someone is while you're in the middle of marketing to them, but truly separating out each persona illuminated something different. Senia: Was your strategy affected? Matt: Yes and no. We picked up some accounts on the persona of the higher-end advisor. We got in and started having conversations. We identified who the agent is, how we can help, how we have experience — all these factors that make their life easier, and that credibility is helpful. We picked up some big accounts because of that. Senia: That’s wonderful. How much do you feel another IMO or BGA can benefit, and what impact can it have? Matt: It’s directly proportional to how well you use it. We all know the big challenge in our industry: recruitment. At every level, we all have the same challenge. We want agents to be responsive, but we need to know who we’re talking to first.The idea behind it is finding a niche and figuring out the message they want to hear. It’s a message that says, “Here’s how we help the producer.”Whether it’s how we make life simpler for multiline agents or how we demonstrate credibility with higher-end agents, the message transcends all other noise. We have more in store for you in this issue, both about using personas to help your recruitment efforts and about additional insights from our clients. Enjoy! -Senia and Stu Gramajo

to thoroughly adapt it for our clients.Through helping hundreds of carriers, BDs, and wholesalers recruit and with our upwards of 150,000 conversations and interviews with producers, we’ve gained unparalleled insight into what motivates agents and advisors to make connections and write business. Essentially, we’ve made insights into what fuels independent distribution growth.

This is a situation where we don’t know what we don’t know.The illumination that comes with discovering these insights is rarely suspected, but nothing ignites as many bright strategic ideas or renewed excitement in recruitment as reading the final reports on clients’ ideal personas. We’ve watched it happen over and over, and every time, seeing the excellent results and our clients’ reactions is incredibly rewarding. Many of us know intuitively that our target market is not the vast majority of independent agents, but what we often overlook is the undiscovered and unexploited insight available in our very own book of business: our very own list of producers. As excited as we are to tell you more about the process, our clients’ results are even more exciting. Here are some outcomes Matt shared with my partner, Senia, during a recent conversation about producer personas. Senia: How did you like getting these insights from the producer persona? Matt: I thought it was a necessity. It gave us a different perspective on who we’re talking

Recently, our client Matt shared a valuable takeaway during a conversation with us. We were talking about producer personas, and he told us how illuminating it’s been to look at recruitment from this new angle. Previously, he was coming up against the same recruiting challenges that other IMOs, BGAs, and carriers experience. What changed for Matt was discovering the power of producer personas. Before sharing Matt’s takeaway, it’s pertinent to have some background knowledge about producer personas. We developed this proprietary process at Agent Link to help our clients gain more insight into their ideal producers’ expectations. It has been crucial in helping clients grow their distribution. Using producer personas, they can align their marketing strategies to win more contracts and production from the select types of producers they want to bring in. (Find a more complete article on this topic inside this month’s issue.) Agent Link’s process is an adaptation of Adele Revella’s concept of buyer personas, a widely- known methodology in the marketing world. We’ve leveraged our decades of experience in the insurance and financial services industries

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