The Livewell Collective - April 2019


APRIL 2019

NO FOOLING As another April Fools’ Day has passed by, we are once again reminded of the ancient proverb, “Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.” The age of Photoshop and social media has really brought this tricksters’ holiday to a whole new level. To the companies that fooled us with their hoaxes and fake announcements, well played. While we at O2 enjoy a good laugh, we’ve never really figured out how to pull off one of these pranks without the joke being on us. Old-school O2 fans will remember our attempts to have a little fun on April Fools’. Our graphic design wizards have occasionally whipped up what we thought were ridiculous products for us to announce on the great prankster’s holiday. A particular favorite fakeout of ours was “Formula MOO2” oxygenated milk. Sure, the branding was convincing, but come on. Oxygenated Milk?

a drink infused with the skin and connective tissues of animals, I’d immediately think it was a sick joke. But now Vital Proteins’ collagen powder is one of the hottest brands on the market! And it doesn’t stop with collagen. Think back to 2013 and ask yourself if you’d believe that two friends mixing dates with egg whites in their kitchen would be able to take on the entire protein bar industry. Hello, RXBAR. What about health trends? I know I wouldn’t have believed anyone telling me to put butter in my morning joe to lose weight, and yet here we are in the age of Bulletproof Coffee. Honestly, I don’t even have to look beyond my own company to make this point. People still get tripped up on the whole “How can you oxygenate H2O?” thing. The amount of time I’ve had to explain how molecules work should qualify me as a chemistry teacher. But speaking personally, if you jumped into a time machine and traveled back to O2’s launch with a can of our caffeine free Lemon Lime flavor, I’d flat out refuse to believe it was our product. O2 was born out of my desire to fuel my life with natural caffeine. A line of O2 products without that kick would seem unthinkable to me. Now I drink it every evening. And it’s all thanks to you, our fans. A caffeine free option for natural recovery wasn’t something we’d ever considered until your requests came in, and now Lemon Lime and Blackberry Currant are some of our most popular flavors. Now we want to know what other concoctions you want to see from us! In honor of our legacy of botched April Fools’ Day jokes, we’re flipping the script. Tell us the non-existent O2 products you’re thirsting for! Want O2 shots? O2 Vodka?? “42O-2” CBD oil infused recovery drinks?! Milk? There are no wrong answers here. Send your thoughts to and let us know what we should oxygenate next!

We underestimated the excitement of our fans — by a mile. Most of April 1 and 2, my team and I were scrolling

through social media pages in disbelief. People wanted this

product, and it was the hardest thing on earth to tell them, “Sorry, April Fools!” After the MOO2 incident, we decided to hang up our jester hats and play our product announcements straight. Thinking back on this incident with more experience under my

belt, I think I know what went wrong. The health

food industry has some truly unbelievable products that are actually completely real.

Many of the products I use in my own life would have seemed unthinkable 10 years ago. For example, if someone had offered me


–Dave Colina Founder, O2


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