Property managers need to be ready to react at a moment’s notice. Planned maintenance is one thing, but middle-of-the-night emergencies happen. Over 2,000 property management groups rely on us to help keep vehicles charged, security systems functioning and power tools… well… powered. Big or small, with a single client or hundreds, we understand that proper- ty management needs vary. And that keeping costs manageable is a part of the deal. Your solution is right here. Let’s talk. Power your gear. Light your spaces. Maintain your systems.

Choose between general purpose, deep cycle, gel and high-rate UPS batteries. SLA Batteries Power devices with strong, high-quality alkaline and lithium batteries. Alkaline Batteries Choose lighting based on the size and usage of your space. Lighting Device Repair Repair for broken phone & tablet screens, faulty ports, cameras & more.


SLA Batteries

Device Repair Tablets Macbooks iPads ® Chromebooks Phones

Access Control Video Surveillance

SLA Batteries

Battery Storage Systems Computer Systems

SLA Batteries Exit & Emergency Intrusion Alarms


Exit & Emergency Lights Combo Units Emergency Ballasts

SLA Batteries

Lighting LED Lighting Outdoor Fixtures

IT Backup UPS Generators Elevators



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