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Marine Corps veteran and Ironman distance triathlete, Shawn Tiberio, now applies his determination to entrepreneurship. He is co-owner of Top Results Consulting where his mindset-matters approach to business helps entrepreneurs succeed and scale. For Think Realty readers, he writes primarily on marketing tactics that help investors’ businesses grow, and he also offers a free master class teaching how to target the right prospects for your business. We are thankful to Shawn’s expertise and dedication to serving others. Here’s what he had to say about his passion for marketing and more: Meet Shawn Tiberio A: Real estate is a passion of mine; I truly enjoy helping other real estate investors innovate the way they market their business to find the best off-market deals possible. Too many are saying the same old same old, wondering why their marketing doesn’t convert. Through writing for Think Realty, if I can help one investor be different, get a lead, and make a deal happen, it is worth it. A: Call it an obsession. Real estate marketing is no different from any other industry. Sellers have no clue who you are, they are just looking for answers on how to deal with the situation they are in. It is our job as marketers to “date” them. We need to treat them just like we first met them. You wouldn’t meet someone and two seconds later ask them to marry you, would you? Then why do so many real estate marketers ask for the deal before asking for the first date? I am on a mission to change the way investors market their business.

Q: Why do you like writing for Think Realty?

Q: Why are you passionate about real estate marketing?

A: As a contributor, I actually spend time looking at the magazine to see what other contributors have shared. It is packed with gold. Anyone who gets this magazine and doesn’t look at it is simply missing out. I have learned there are some incredible individuals that are part of this community. Take advantage of it.

Q: What is something you have learned from contributing to TR magazine?

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