say, ‘Now let me find somebody who wants to operate the business in this location.’ No, find the tenant first and then ask them, ‘Where do you want me to buy a house?’ Then I’ll buy the house in the area they want and fix it up because I’m going to lease it to them for five years at twice the mar - ket rent. When you do it right, you’re both going to be happy.” People who choose to own and operate a RAL business, may be more involved than a passive investor at times. Their level of involvement is completely up them and their man- agement style. On the plus side, they will likely make more money and they will own a “saleable” asset, the RAL business itself. The secret that many people don’t understand is, they are creating a business that has tremen- dous value. That business can be sold separately from the real estate. Many times, the value of the busi- ness is close to the value of the real estate itself. An investor can sell the business and then lease the property to the business owner at twice the market rent for years. “When you own and operate the RAL business you can make your $10,000 to $15,000 or more per month from a single-family home as the owner of the business,” Guarino said. “And your real estate invest- ment and appreciation is on top of that. When you are a hands-off inves- tor typically there’s a lower return. When you are involved hands on, it can be a much higher return but you are earning that additional return with your time and involvement.” Currently, the RAL Academy student base is about a 50-50 split among people who want to own and operate the RAL business and those who are looking for a good real estate investment, according to Gua- rino. Initially real estate investors were the ones who expressed inter-

est to Guarino about this opportunity. They liked the idea of purchasing a house that could create such signifi - cant cashflow. “The numbers are really good when you explain to people that, according to Genworth financial, a Long-Term Care Insurance company, the average person in assisted living pays $4,300 per person per month,

Guarino said. “You might have 10 people in a home and the net profit might be $10,000 to $12,000 per month from a single-family home. You can go even higher than that with bigger homes in better areas. “People get involved in the RAL Industry for all kinds of reasons. Some people would say, ‘I have a parent who needs help’ or, ‘My

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