“The (senior housing market) isn’t only sustainable, but it’s grow- ing exponentially over the next 20 years,” Guarino said. “I’ve been say- ing for years that the ‘Silver Tsuna- mi’ of Seniors is coming. The Baby Boomers aren’t in assisted living yet, but they’re coming, they’re 10, 15 years out. But right now, the front edge of the Baby Boomers are now just starting to enter assisted living. The Baby Boomer generation has been the driving force for the world’s economy for the last 70 years. Right now, they’re just entering senior housing, which means an explosion of need for assisted living.” In some ways, Guarino and the family are just getting started as well. The RAL Academy is just one piece of The IMPACT Housing Group. For the past three decades, real estate, business, and education have become Guarino’s forté. He’s done more buy and holds than fix and flips over the years, but his acquisitions are wide-ranging from single-family homes, multi-unit properties and some commercial real estate. Today, Guarino and his IMPACT Housing Group put his real estate expertise to work to not only help seniors, but their new companies also include groups that are experiencing housing insecurity beyond just senior housing. The IMPACT Housing Group launched the Majestic Residences RAL Franchise in 2020 as well as The Shared Housing Academy (SHA). The SHA is more of a straightforward real estate investment focused on providing real estate investors an opportunity to get two or three times the typical gross rent. The homes are used as group homes for people facing housing insecurity because of many reasons including justice involvement, recovery homes for addictions, veterans, foster kids that age out of the system, and more.

The IMPACT Housing Group is a family-run business that Guarino and his four children are leading. Guarino has also created the RAL Charitable Foundation that’s he’s been personally been funding and is now looking for outside donors. The foundation is designed to help seniors and will focus on providing music and art for them in an effort to help improve their mental state. “It’s amazing how people can just snap right out of dementia when a certain song plays,” Guarino said. They formed the RAL National Association in 2018 and they have over 20,000 members at this time. The RAL Academy’s National Conven - tion also continues to gain momen-

tum. The RAL NAT CON first started with 250 attendees in its first year in 2016 and they are anticipating over 800 people in person this year at the fifth annual RAL National Convention. “I always tell people that you’re going to get involved in senior housing one way or another,” he said. “Either through the real estate, the business or you or a family member is going to be lying in a bed, writing a check to some- body who does. Right now, you have a choice, so make it a good one.” •

To learn more about the RAL Academy, The RAL National Association and the Shared Housing Academy, visit their websites at: www.,, •

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