5 Limiting Beliefs That Stop Investors from Scaling


by Ellis Hammond

ut simply, a limiting belief is a thought pattern that is holding you back from moving forward in some

them, they will cause some serious damage. So how do you overcome these limiting beliefs? While there is no exact formula, you can generally work toward overcoming your mental limits by doing these three things. Accept the possibility that some of your beliefs may be wrong. Once you remove the rigidity of these thought pat- terns, you can begin to re-shape them. Figure out how each of these beliefs is serving you. There is a reason you’re holding onto that thought pat- tern. Maybe it once served you, but no longer does so. You need to figure out how these beliefs are serving you and what you can gain from changing them. Replace these thoughts with alternatives. Below are five common limiting beliefs that keep you from becoming a successful CEO. It’s time to tackle those limiting beliefs one by one.


aspect of your life or work. Limiting beliefs are powerful hindrances in your mind, and unless you identify and inten- tionally change them, they will continue holding you back. If you want to take your real estate business to the next level, you need to start with changing your old thought patterns. Sure, you’ve gotten this far, and your mentality has served you well. But the same mindset that got you this far, will only get you this far. Last season’s mindset is not going to work for the season ahead. Let’s imagine you’re renovating a house. If you really want this house to last, you have to start where it matters most: the foundation. We’ve all seen the HGTV shows. Weak spots in the foundation will eventually lead to problems with the structure of the home. These weaknesses need to be addressed and repaired before anything else can happen. It’s the same in business leadership. If you’re looking to upgrade to CEO status, you have to go back and look for weaknesses in your own foundation: your mind. Limiting beliefs are those weaknesses in your foundation, and unless you first identify them and address

LIMITING BELIEF 1 I need to execute everything perfectly.

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