green into your renovation project. There’s nothing I love better than to find something old and reuse and repurpose it rather than having it hit the landfill. I have found some gems in some of the local recycling resources, and oftentimes, a little elbow grease and creativity can turn these finds into design treasures! •

faucets and toilets help reduce water usage in a home thereby sav- ing you money and conserving one of our greatest natural resources. Energy star appliances and windows as well as programmable thermo- stats help conserve energy in the home and make the home more efficient. There’s also the ability to use building materials such as reclaimed lumber, materials made of recycled plastic, recycled glass or natural products such as bamboo, hemp, and cork. As you can see, there are sever- al ways you can incorporate some

incandescent light bulb and fluo - rescent lights and moving towards LED light bulbs. LED (light emit - ting diode) consume less power per unit (lumen) of light emitted which reduces greenhouse emissions from power plants. Roughly one LED bulb will minimize greenhouse gas emissions by almost half a ton. They also generate a lot less heat during use lowering cooling costs. (Batteries Plus Bulbs is another Think Realty supplier offering dis- counts to members.) Low-flow plumbing fixtures are another way to be green. Low-flow

Author of Flip the Switch from Real Estate Agent to Real Estate Investor, Lorraine Beato is an Atlanta, Georgia Realtor specializing in single-family

residential homes, investment acquisitions, and upscale renovations. She is also a former appraiser.

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