NO. 1 WHY COMPETE WHEN YOU CAN JOIN? Turnkey companies already have an inside track in their markets. They have developed relationships with realtors and wholesalers and through their own marketing. Instead of spending money and time in market- ing to find a deal, buy a turnkey prop - erty. Many investors struggle to grow due to the lack of deals. NO. 2 HGTV QUALITY HOMES As a turnkey provider in secondary markets, we realized that many land- lords do the bare minimum rehabs or updates on their rentals. Ever hear the saying lipstick on a pig? That is where the term comes from. Freaky

Turnkey companies are always looking for extra capital to purchase the inventory to supply the demand. You can lend out of an IRA, an LLC, or even your personal name. I have investors who do both. They want to build for the future with rentals but also want to build up their IRAs or liquidity with lending deals. Freaky Fast Home Buyers and Investments was created to help investors build wealth through passive income. As a turnkey operation we strive to provide safe investment opportunities that provide the highest returns as possible. For example, in January 2021 we started the FF Real Estate Fund 1. Many of our inves - tors prefer to lend capital through their IRA. With the help of IRA custodians like Camaplan and Quest, it is now simpler and more convenient for investors to invest in Real Estate. The fund was created to provide investors who are making less than 10% an opportunity to increase their ROI to double digit returns and still provide a safe and secure investment. Now is the time to act. Opportunities come only so often. Turnkey properties are going to build wealth for many investors this year. Make sure you are one of them! If you are looking to buy more property or you want to lend with capital in your IRA, give Freaky Fast a call. Write a check and start collecting checks freaky fast. It really is that simple! •

Fast demands a higher quality of home to provide to ten- ants. One of the best compliments I have received from a tenant is that our properties are like a taste of heaven. Turnkey companies that do multiple rehabs at once are able to buy in bulk lowering the cost of the rehab budget and providing a high-quality property. Freaky Fast offers investors a 12-month home warranty to insure they are

receiving a great rental for their portfolio. NO. 3 PROPERTY MANAGEMENT BUILT IN

If you noticed what Frank Cohen said in his statement above—certain assets are poised to generate stable performance under the leadership of its best-in-class management team. Property management is so import- ant but now even more so. With the rental eviction moratorium in place, it is so important to have the right property managers in place. They will lower your risk of not collecting rent. The best turnkey operations have great built-in property management that will help you be successful. NO. 4 YOU CAN BUY OR YOU CAN LEND Even better you can do both. With turnkey companies, your investment can be tailored to your preference. If you want to own and build up a rental portfolio then the best way is turnkey. If you don’t want to take on the lia- bility of being a landlord, then lending is the way to go.


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