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about him in our Contributor Corner on page 12. Our cover person is no stranger to being resourceful. You’ve heard how resourcefulness often comes from necessity—well, that is exactly

y nature, most real estate investors are resourceful.

After all, you must be resourceful to find deals and financing and to learn investment strategies and best business practices along the way. But

like most life tools, it needs to be sharpened often, especially in this time of constant change. The theme of this issue is resources and sustainability—how investors can use resources to build a sustainable business. So, I guess you could say this month’s theme is also the mission of Think Realty! Each day, our team strives to share invaluable resourc- es with the intent to help you grow your investments and scale your business. And, of course, this wouldn’t be possible without our knowledgeable contributors! This month’s featured writer, Shawn Tiberio, says Think Realty Magazine “is packed with gold. Anyone who gets this magazine and doesn’t look at it is simply missing out.” Tiberio shares gold-medal marketing strategies each month, so be sure to check out his Digital Marketing Resources article on page 54 and learn more

the catalyst that launched Gene Guarino’s Residential Assisted Living Academy. He experienced a need firsthand, and then created a solution. See what he is doing to “impact” the housing insecurity crisis on page 14. Another resource Think Realty brings you is our Resident Experts. These individuals are experts in their respective real estate fields and have signed on to bring you videos, articles, online courses, and more. From Gary Pinker- ton’s Infinite Banking article on page 64 to Greg Slaughter’s property management videos on, these people know what they are talking about when it comes to real estate! Think Realty is here to be your #1 real estate investing resource by sharing strate- gies and connections that can bring you sus- tained investing success. •

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