FiveWays SFR Investors Can Optimize Operational Efficiency


by Kori Covrigaru, PlanOmatic

or single-family rental (SFR) investors, owners, and opera- tors, running an efficient operation is crucial when acquiring, renovat- ing and leasing large portfolios of homes across the country. Acquiring large portfolios of SFR properties has become commonplace in today’s red-hot market, but in order to sur- vive and turn a profit, SFR investors must analyze their operational pro- cesses and workflows to ensure they F

are utilizing their resources effec- tively and efficiently throughout the entire property lifecycle. We recently launched PlanOlabs, a research, data, and consulting hub at PlanOmatic that analyzes and opti- mizes the property lifecycle for SFR investors, including acquisition, ren- ovation, and leasing. At PlanOlabs, we analyze SFR investors’ current workflows and identify ways in which they can optimize operational effi -

ciencies and processes to help scale and grow their portfolios. Here are five ways SFR investors can improve their processes to meet acquisition and portfolio growth goals. NO. 1 Utilize 3D virtual tours for marketing and operations A 3D virtual tour is like a buy-one- get-one-free deal. It’s an easy way to ensure your SFR properties stand

62 | think realty magazine :: september 2021

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