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68  Net-Zero Housing

A new project poised to take a bite out of climate change by Bruce McNeilage

INVESTOR STORIES 12  Contributor Corner Meet Shawn Tiberio FUNDAMENTALS 22  Creating a Stress-free Rental Portfolio

70  Benefits of Land Trusts

Separating fact from fiction on this centuries-old tool by Clint Coons

72  Title Companies and Your Wholesaling Business How the title industry delivers with investor-friendly service by Brian Snider

Effective property management operations by Jeremy Kloter 26 5 Limiting Beliefs That Stop Investors from Scaling Breaking hindrances so you aren’t held back by Ellis Hammond 28  Foreign Owners of U.S. Real Property How the IRS is further targeting foreign investors by Richard Hart

DESIGN POINT 74  Resources for Renovations

Three long-time resources still relevant for rehabs by Michele Van der Veen

30  Eco-friendly Resources for Renovating Rehabbing while reducing environmental impact by Lorraine Beato 35 Investor Review

MARKETS & TRENDS 76  Believe It or Not Meaningful market comparisons for long-term demand by Ingo Winzer

52  Decision Time

Finding silver linings in the cloud of capital gains tax by Eddie Speed

78  Will Moratoriums Kill the Market? How short-term rent moratoriums could wreak havoc on the rental market for years to come by Matthew Paletz 80  4 Steps for Vetting a General Contractor Navigating new development projects begins with the builders by Taylor Miller MINDSET 82  Write Now Why every successful real estate investor should consider writing a book by Eddie Wilson

54  Digital Marketing Resources

What investors must focus on in 2021 and beyond by Shawn Tiberio

STRATEGY 60  Alternative Construction Methods Reduce Emissions Can we get to “net-zero” housing? by Steve Streetman 64  Alternative Financing for Buy & Hold Real Estate Investors

Part two of a series on the mindset of infinite banking by Gary Pinkerton

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