company can be beneficial to the success of your business. A mentor can help you through the first few transactions, introduce you to investor-friendly title companies, and educate you on the process. Being in an industry where there are so many different scenarios that could occur, it is wise to have an insider’s input and guidance. Title companies often will provide educa- tion courses that will explain and walk you through the title process. You will be able to build your understanding of tricky topics such as taxes, closing costs, owners’ policies, and funding. Ask for guidance; it could be just the advice you are looking for. Title companies don’t always get the credit they deserve. Without them, it would be hard to become a legal homeowner. Once a prop- erty is under contract it is time for the title company to step in and ensure a property is free and clear of any problems. By using an inves -

tor-friendly title company, you can rest easy knowing the process will be managed from start to finish. When working with a title company, remember to have open channels of communication, educate your- self on the contract and property, be transparent with the seller or buyer, be patient throughout the process, and find a mentor who can raise you in the ranks of wholesalers to work with. By following these rules, you will be sure to drive right through to the closing table where that contract is finally signed and sealed. •

regulations and safety precautions. Even if you have all your information submitted and ready to go, there are other businesses that title compa- nies are dependent on for getting information. During the examination of the property, the title company may reach out to a bank or a law firm. If the law firm or bank is behind in business matters, then the closing and title process will also be delayed. It is beneficial for the wholesaler to share possible delays to the buyers or sellers. With changes in business regarding COVID and extra safety measures put in place by title companies, it may take a little longer, but you will still make it to the finish line at the closing table. MENTORS If you are new to this industry and are wanting to dive into a successful and enduring career in wholesaling, it is highly recommend- ed to find a mentor. Reaching out to an experienced wholesaler or title

Brian Snider graduated from Ohio Northern University with a Bachelor’s in Middle Childhood Education and spent 14 years teaching reading and math. After

working on his Master’s degree to become a Principal, he decided that was not the path he wanted to take, so he took a job with Brett Snodgrass and Simple Wholesaling where he was Marketing Director, Dispositions Manager, then COO. He took over as the company’s CEO in June 2020.

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