2 Antique Stores When thinking about picking out a vanity for your next bathroom renovation most people don’t think to go antiquing! Yet, that’s the first place I head to! Buying a bathroom vanity from your typical big box hardware store can run you upwards of $500.00. But a large six-foot vanity from an antique store will cost you only $200 and have loads of charm to go along with it. Going this route involves a little bit more thinking but could result in a bathroom with a more custom feel to it. When looking for a bathroom vanity at an antique store make sure to consider the height and depth of the vanity, which will differ depending on if you add a custom countertop or keep it wood. You can either plan on setting your sinks in the vanity or use a vessel sink to set on top, which will also reflect the height you may want your vanity to be. You can complete the countertop with a marine finish to seal it from water, have a piece of thick glass cut for the top or use a natural stone such as marble or granite as your countertop. Of course, some of these ideas may drive your final price up on the vanity but it will end up being a bathroom they remember. Real estate agents have told us that they head straight to the bathrooms when they hear it is a renovation we did. That is how much of an impression an antique vanity will make in your next renovation!

3 Consignment Furniture Shops I always love it when I’m wrapping up a renovation and it’s getting close to staging time! The first place I head to when I reach this part of the process is a local furniture consignment store. Furniture consignment stores have really taken off just in the past 15 years. They have, of course, always been around, but after the last big real estate downturn, consignment furniture store chains even started turning up across the country. Now, these stores have become a mainstay and are a must-see for staging renovations! At first glance a furniture consignment store can feel cultured, mis-matched and may overwhelm you. But if you can push past that, you can seriously come across some great finds! You can even find new furniture! This wide scope of price, quality, and condition has really come about due to the growth in demand for furniture consignment stores over the past number of years. Along with their showrooms getting larger, their buying power grew as well. From sofas and coffee tables, to wool area rugs, outdoor patio furniture, and oil paintings, you can find almost anything at furniture consignment stores to help fully stage and give your next big home renovation project that wow factor it needs to sell fast and for top dollar! •

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