by Ingo Winzer

uring the pandemic there wasn’t much point compar-


Job Growth May 2021

Job Growth Before Pandemic

ing economic growth among local markets, because of the big losses in ALL local markets. But now that the recovery is well on its way, we can start to make some meaningful comparisons. We list a dozen markets with the best recovery of jobs since the start of the recession and at what rate jobs were increasing before the pandemic. Why both sets of numbers? Because we are trying to spot markets that have the best lon- ger-term demand for real estate, not just those that are the fastest getting back to ‘normal’. Of course, the normal after the pandemic may be quite differ- ent from the normal before the pandemic. This could easily be the case in Memphis, for example, where FedEx could permanently see a higher volume of business from internet shopping. So, maybe these 12 markets are the best prospects — or maybe they are not; spotting the best investment opportunities will be tricky for a while. •

1.9% 3.2%

Boise, ID (pictured)

1.3% 2.1%

Lakeland, FL

0.3% 3.0%

Salt Lake City, UT

0.2% 2.3%

Colorado Springs, CO

-1.0% 1.0%

Des Moines, IA

-1.0% 2.6%

Jacksonville, FL

-1.1% 3.5%

Austin, TX

-1.1% 1.8%

Stockton, CA

-1.1% 0.8%

Kansan City, MO

-1.5%% 0.2%

Memphis, TN

-1.6% 1.3%

Omaha, NE

-1.7% 2.1%

Raleigh, NC


Ingo Winzer is president of Local Market Monitor, which analyzes conditions in 300 U.S. markets, using such economic data as home values and growth in employment and population. Winzer, who has analyzed real estate markets for more than 20 years, was a founder and executive vice president of First Research, an industry research company that was acquired by Dun & Bradstreet in March 2007. He is a graduate of MIT and holds an MBA in finance from Boston University. Winzer resides in Cambridge, Mass.

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