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Our range is impressive; and the quality of the welding and assembly is even more so. Our welds and steel parts can be seen all over the world, performing consistently and reliably as they’re pushed to the limit through grueling conditions. We are experts in welding stainless steel, aluminum, & mild steel. Typical weldments range from 1 pound to 10,000 pounds with multiple complete joint penetration configurations. We also deliver structural steel-type weldments and smaller sub-weldments.

Welding Certifications: • AWS D1.1 • AWS B2.1-8-212:2001 • AWS B2.1-8-024:2001 • AWS B2.1-1-020-94R • AWS B2.1-1-017-94R Materials Typically Joined: • Carbon Steels • Stainless Steels • Aluminum • Titanium • Exotic Metals • Dissimilar Metals • Dissimilar Wall Thicknesses • Corrosion Resistant Materials • Ultra Thin Metals • Sanitary / Purge Weld & Pipe

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Welding Styles: • TIG • MIG

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