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Fusion Tech provides a wide variety of finishing services for your custom manufactured products and equipment. We are equipped in house and through years of quality partnerships to handle a variety of metal finishing requirements. We have built solid relationships with a wide variety of secondary services not done in house but managed by our personnel to ensure you the “one stop finished goods” you are looking for.

Finishing Equipment: • Costa MD 6 CVC V1350

Deburring / Finishing Machine • Vibratory Finishing Machine • Blasting Booth

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Machine Specs: • 12 cu. ft. • 13” Channel Non-Slip Surfaces: • Flooring • Handrails • Ladder Rungs

Choose Your Finish

2B Finish This dull finish is achieved by cold-rolling, heat-treating, and pickling. A final light rolling pass gives the surface a smooth, reflective gray sheen. It is the standard finish for 304, 304L, and 316 stainless steel. 2BO-DA Finish This dull finish is achieved by applying a standard 2B finish and including a final coarse uniform oscillated finish. Bead Blast Finish Bead blasting provides uniform, non-directional, low-re- flective surfaces that contrast well with high polished finishes. It is accomplished by applying fine glass beads at a high pressure without damaging the surface.

• Stair Treads • Stair Noses • Catwalks • Mezzanines • Platforms • Drain Covers • Other 3D Application Shapes

Finishing Capabilities

Outsourced Partner Capabilities: • Heat Treat • Power Coating • Painting • Galvanizing • Anodizing • Zinc Coating

Internal Capabilities: • Polishing • Oxidation Removal • Passivation • Blasting Booth (variety of media): • Stainless Steel - 1200 sq. ft. • Carbon - 30’ x 50’

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