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Fusion Tech offers reverse engineering services - extracting knowledge or design information in order to recreate or improve upon your component part. Often, reverse engineering and fabricating a new component is cheaper than buying stock component parts and can improve upon the quality of your equipment.

Fusion Tech not only provides you with the com- ponent parts you purchase, but we can also de- sign and model out the part to look for ways to improve durability and longevity. You will get to see how the component parts will look before they are manufactured. Plus, it allows for easy and fast reordering - you know, for when you need to fulfill more sales orders.



Part nesting is a fancy term for laying out cut pat- terns to minimize material waste. In other words, our nesting software will calculate the best layouts to provide you the maximum amount of compo- nents for the material used - saving you money and allowing the reproduction of the component pieces in the future.

Hiring Fusion Tech to manufacture your equipment component parts is often the less expensive route to go! We can optimize the use of materials to reduce waste, purchase materials at a cheaper rate, we already have the workforce to get your order to you quickly, and can eliminate the need for you to hire your own fabricators. No health insurance pre- miums, unemployment taxes, or sick and vacation days coming out of your pocket.


Utilizing an industrial laser cutter, we can provide you with precise, exact cuts every single time — guaranteeing that whether you’re purchasing a single component piece or 500, each one will be exactly the same. Consistent parts allow for easy assembly, increased quality, and are a great solu- tion if you plan to provide replacement parts for your clients.

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