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The most commonly diagnosed condition of the shoulder is impingement syndrome. In this situation, poor mechanics of the glenohumeral joint, leads to impingement of the subdeltoid bursa and supraspinatus into the acromion. Symptoms in patients typically presents as pain to the lateral aspect of the shoulder and arm, that increases with flexion, abduction or external rotation. The main causes of shoulder impingement in patients are lack of rotator cuff strength, decreased capsular mobility, tightness in the pectoralis minor, and anterior shoulder posture. Chronic shoulder impingement can lead to rotator cuff tendinopathy, bony changes and subacromial bursitis. Current medical treatment options typically employ corticosteroid injections and physical therapy.However, physical therapy isvastlyunderutilized in a comprehensive treatment approach. A recent study in the Annals of Internal Medicine that focused on 215 patients, showed that physical therapy was just as effective as corticosteroid injections. Furthermore, combinations of these two methods resulted in the most improved outcomes for function and pain. When it comes to medical management of your patients with shoulder pain, corticosteroid injections and physical therapy should be prescribed together for best results. Physical therapy focuses on restoring correct strength, joint biomechanics and proprioception to the shoulder complex, resulting in lasting outcomes. For maximum results for your patients with shoulder pain, prescribe Recovery Physical Therapy today. Source: Coombes BK, Vicenzino B. Pragmatic Study of Corticosteroid Injections and Manual Physical Therapy for the Shoulder Impingement Syndrome. Ann Intern Med. 2014;161:224-225. doi:10.7326/M14-1405

THE 4 PHASES OF SHOULDER RECOVERY Phase I Patient pain and inflammation is controlled. Patient instructed in techniques to reduce pain with sleeping and daily activities. Phase II Range of motion is restored with specialize hands on gentle techniques and therapeutic exercises. Phase III Rotator cuff and scapulohumeral strength is restored in order for the patient to easily perform daily activities without injury. Phase IV Scapulohumeral proprioception restored and patient is able to perform overhead activities without pain or discomfort. Patient is taught exercises and techniques to prevent future injury.

PRESCRIBE PHYSICAL THERAPY FOR THESE CONDITIONS: • Shoulder Impingement • Radiculopathy • Rotator Cuff Partial Tears • Post-Op Shoulder Rehabilitation • Bursitis and Tendinitis • Fracture Rehabilitation • Arthritis Pain • And Much More!

Your Patients Will Thank You!


I could not recommend Recovery Physical

Therapy more! Before I found Recovery Physical Therapy, I had been having nagging low back and shoulder problems that none of the other physical therapists I had visited could remedy. They were the only place to properly diagnose and help me heal my injuries, which was a huge relief. Not only is the staff extremely knowledgeable and helpful, they are also friendly, sympathetic, and available. They are the best!” – M. R.

I received post- surgery treatment for

my shoulder. They had all of the exercise equipment necessary to accommodate the PT prescribed by my doctor. Many of the bands, pulleys and other supplies were also conveniently available to purchase. I am very satisfied with the outcome and how much progress I was able to make. Also, for what it’s worth, the environment in the office is very laid back and easy going. It made therapy more enjoyable much less of a chore.” – M. D.

WHY CHOOSE RECOVERY PHYSICAL THERAPY? • We get results • We listen to the patient

• We use a one-on-one approach with a physical therapist to solve the problem • We use Biodex Balance and Extremity Systems • We keep open communication with you WE MAKE IT EASY! Simply Fax Prescriptions to One of Our 11 Convenient Locations! Fashion District: (212) 840-3063 Flatiron District: (646) 654-6789 Grand Central: (212) 682-2013 Midtown East: (212) 755-2030 Millburn, NJ: (973) 564-9717 Queens (Glendale) : (718) 894-8964 Rockefeller Center: (212) 302-1106 Upper East Side: (212) 831-9079 Upper West Side: (212) 874-1599 Wall Street: (212) 514-6475 Westchester (Larchmont): (212) 831-9079


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