American Consequences - September 2020


T his month in American Consequences , we scrutinize the many ways the end might come for America... and what you can do about it. If you read nothing else, don’t miss the unfiltered conversation between Dr. Ron Paul and Porter Stansberry regarding their past warnings for the nation, and whether it’s too late for most of America. Click here to share Dr. Paul and Porter’s conversation on Facebook. We appreciate every single one of you who shares our articles, since this is how new readers find our magazine. Then, click here for Dr. Paul’s Urgent Coronavirus Message for Every American ... It’s a controversial message, but one every American should hear. Editor in chief P.J. O’Rourke takes a close look at President Trump’s Second-Term Agenda. As he writes: When it comes to choosing between presidential campaign platforms, what should be a matter of principle can turn into a matter of taste ... How do you like your lies prepared and served? Oops, did I say “lies”?... Excuse me, I meant “promises.” And read Buck Sexton as he lays out a precise timeline for how the coming election could mean the death of the Republican Party. As he puts it, Democrats only need full control for two years to change the system forever... Of course, politics aren’t the only problem in America today...

Trish Regan shares a huge concern that essentially no one is talking about... even though it could be the first salvo of World War III. Dave Lashmet details why an October vaccine surprise may not be the easy “way out” of the COVID-19 mess that folks like to think. Alice Lloyd has written a fabulous piece on why online learning is an oxymoron. Jason Mattera shows how California’s progressive tax grabs are increasing in scope... and getting far, far more alarming. And our Chief Risk Officer X , of a major financial institution, shows four reasons why COVID-19 has far greater implications for the economy than a virus should. Seb Gorka reflects on the lessons learned, some the hard way, in the War on Terror since 9/11. And Nouriel Roubini asks if the U.S. dollar is about to lose its reserve currency status. Kim Iskyan shows why your retirement is in Uncle Sam’s crosshairs... and how you can protect your savings. And Bill Shaw predicts a gold surge to $3,000... and beyond and explains very simply the ways that you can personally buy gold. Alternatively, of course, you could simply embrace the chaos... So P.J. has written a nostalgic view on his own youth in the 1960s titled The Joy of Rioting . Please read and share our latest magazine, and tell us what you think at feedback@ Regards, Steven Longenecker Publisher, American Consequences


September 2020

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