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THE Exact Date By Michael Ford to Sell All Your Stocks

If you were feeling uncertainty… fear…or even paralysis during March’s market crash, this could be the most important thing you read all year.

When stocks plummeted 36% in March…

One Florida man named Keith Kaplan says he was “ sleeping like a baby. ” All because of a little known tool that told him the exact date to sell his stocks . Now, Keith would tell you he’s no genius when it comes to investing. He’s never worked at a hedge fund or trained under any professional investors... But at the end of the day that didn’t matter. Because about a week before the market crashed, he was almost 100% in cash. And while most professionals would tell you it is impossi- ble to time the market… This same tool ALSO told him the exact moment to buy stocks after the market bottomed. Now Keith isn’t the only one who was thankful to have this tool when chaos struck the market in March… ➜ Alexander says, “Thanks to [this tool] I was able to get out right on time without taking any big losses. I now have the capital to invest again when the right time comes.” ➜ Glenn told us, “2008 was very difficult for us. We have been using [this tool] since then and it has helped us minimize our losses this time around. Much less stress.”

➜ And R.V. says thanks to this tool, “When the markets continued to fall off a cliff I was able to sleep at night knowing I was holding a high proportion in cash.” And while others have shared their results, Keith has been the first to step forward and reveal exactly how he traded around the crash this year… In a new, on-camera interview, Keith explains exactly how he did it, including the proprietary tool he relied on to go all to cash and then get back into stocks at the bottom. After nearly a decade of following the financial markets, I’ve simply never seen anything like it. You can watch Keith’s interview for a limited time free of charge, by clicking here .

** The investment results described in these testimonials are not typical. Investing in securities carries a high degree of risk; you may lose some or all of the investment.

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