American Consequences - September 2020


is mostly a very good thing and good in general for people. But I think that you’re really exposing yourself to some of the worst aspects of capitalism when you do that, because unfortunately there are still a lot of businesses that are being run for the benefit of the insiders and not at all for the benefit of the shareholders. And firms like mine, that’s really what we specialize in doing, is helping you sort that out. So if you are an investor and you’d like to have some access to great independent research, I hope that you’ll check out Stansberry Research. And if you just want to buy gold and protect yourself and your family, I know that’ll work, too. But either way, I hope you will invest wisely and take care for yourself and your family.

Porter Stansberry: I appreciate very much the opportunity to speak to your followers and I’m really flattered to be invited just to spend time with you anytime. The one thing that I would tell you, Dr. Paul, about finance that I don’t think we covered here today, and that is just that over many years, I’ve had a lot of success at identifying companies that were being run so poorly that it was truly inevitable that they would fail, that there was not a possible way they could succeed. And I would point to the work I did at General Motors between 2005 and 2008, in addition of course to Fannie and Freddie, and there’s been maybe a dozen other names that we’ve keyed upon since then. And I think that this trend toward investing in indexes and buying big baskets of stocks

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September 2020

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