American Consequences - September 2020

There was only enough food to feed 320 million people for 30 days anyway. And yet, our government has repeatedly failed to address the issue. I had heard concerns about America’s greatest vulnerability from some of my military contacts throughout the years... But somehow it always gets lost in the midst of the other day-to-day headlines. An EMP is a short burst of electromagnetic energy. My friend Neil Grossman, mathematician, physicist, constitutional law scholar, global investor, vineyard owner, and former European central banker (yeah, just your all-around basic genius) described it to me like this, “Imagine going to a Rolling Stones concert, standing in front of the speakers and all of a sudden they are turned on for a second at maximum power. Now multiply that by say 100 billion or 100 trillion times, maybe more... It is the shortest, most powerful blast of energy you can imagine.” He elaborated by saying this, “Imagine standing at ground zero when a thermonuclear detonation occurs... What you need to understand is electromagnetic waves are a form of energy.”

illegal trip to a local San Francisco hair salon... or was it a “setup”? (The hypocrisy is certainly frustrating, given she’s insisting everyone else wear a mask, but does it really matter?) With these he-said, she-said stories taking up pundits’ time, who in the media can focus on a potential attack that could destroy America? Apparently, no one. And that needs to change. America’s power grid is our greatest vulnerability. Four years ago, Congress was warned by its own Electromagnetic Pulse (“EMP”) Commission (in a 2016 report I referenced above) that an attack could “shut down the U.S. electric power grid for an indefinite period, leading to the death within a year of up to 90% of all Americans” due to looting, a lack of food and water, and desperation attacks. According to one of the authors of that congressional report and the current head of the presidential EMP task force... Everything is in blackout and nothing works. The EMP sparks widespread fires, explosions, and all kinds of industrial accidents. Firestorms rage in cities and forests. Toxic clouds pollute the air and chemical spills poison already polluted lakes and rivers. In seven days, the over 100 nuclear power reactors run out of emergency power and go Fukushima, spreading radioactive plumes over the most populous half of the United States. There is not even any drinking water and the national food supply in regional warehouses begins to spoil in three days.

American Consequences


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