American Consequences - September 2020


I’ll tell you why... Because someone has to. We need to understand the risks we face... We need to comprehend the challenges of an economically successful China and the military implications that brings. We need to understand the threat that is North Korea. None of this is happening in a vacuum. We know, for example, there were warnings about pandemics before coronavirus hit... The challenge is that the government is too slow on the draw. Government waits until the last possible moment to do something... anything... But in the case of an EMP attack, it will be too late. A lack of necessities like food and water, an ability to access money, a national communications cut-off... We are NOT prepared for any of these things. Too often, we take these things for granted. But, if this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s the importance of understanding and preparing for the unexpected. The beauty of the suburbs is that you can have a fully-stocked cellar. Shortages during coronavirus taught us the importance of being prepared for the unexpected. And, I suppose there’s a certain peace of mind you get knowing that, if totally necessary, you could go totally off the grid... for a while anyway. For four days after Isaias hit and we lost power at my house, I was recording my podcast in my home studio, then running my computer to the local library where there was a cellular truck outside. I’d sit in the parking lot uploading my reports and making phone calls. By Friday night, I’d had it. We packed up the

kids and took off for my folk’s home in New Hampshire. I was hosting a week of radio shows... three hours a day... and knew I needed access to a decent Internet connection. Just as I went on the second show that week... the power went out at my parent’s house, despite sunny skies and no storm in sight. I had no connection to the radio station. Dead air was about to hit nationwide. The producers scrambled to recover a recording of the show I’d taped the day before and ran that... It turned out, there was a local crew working on the Internet down the street... Within 30 minutes, I was back up... and managed to get back live on air. But I’ll tell you, our grid’s technology is far more fragile than you realize. And the amount we rely on it is scary. Our government needs to step it up when it comes to protecting our much-needed infrastructure. We cannot live in a world in which our enemies could so easily take us out. As a country, we need to make this a priority. Trish Regan is one of America's brightest and most recognized conservative economic thought leaders. An award-winning journalist, Trish is the host of "Trish Regan's American Consequences Podcast," a weekly radio show dedicated to economic and political truth, as well as a columnist for several publications.


September 2020

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